Are you looking for a nice eyebrow-threading kiosk for business? As a fashion-leading eyebrow threading station, it’s very important to purchase an attractive and elegant eyebrow threading booth. Here I have sorted 9 popular eyebrow threading kiosk designs. If it’s your first time to start a business, you can choose a style to start. Besides, when you plan to expand your business or wants to change to a new style, these useful eyebrow threading kiosk may give you some ideas for your eyebrow threading kiosk.

1. Small eyebrow threading studio

This small eyebrow threading studio suits those who have limited space and investment. Because it has a simple design with white and black decoration. Allowing 2 people to work together. Size about 2m by 2.5m, includes a small waiting sofa and a reception desk near the entrance. There is also a lightbox painting and a menu board. We can customize the kiosk color to match the brand theme.

eyebrow kiosk design

2. Wooden strip decoration

Wooden combined with white color is very popular in the UK. It will have a high-end effect and make the overall eyebrow threading station outstanding. If you require other colors, we can also make it in red, pink, and other colors. No matter whether you need it 3m by 2m or a larger size about 5m by 3m, this eyebrow threading kiosk is a good choice.

brow bar counter

3. Industrial metal style

Golden metal along with dark finishes makes the eyebrow threading kiosk outstanding and luxurious. No matter whether you are in the UK, USA, Canada, or Australia, this upscale makeup kiosk will increase guest return rates in the shopping mall. This eyebrow threading station combines with golden metal panel decoration, hollowing out golden stickers decorate the counter body. The roof is dark metal with a tracking spotlight to highlight the eyelash booth. Besides, there is a mirror attached to the wall, which increases the overall space for work and seats. There is a taller wall covering the workspace, which prevents privacy and leaves a deep impression on clients. It’s very important to add LED light to the kick area and underneath the countertop. Click here to view more eyebrow-threading shop designs.

eyebrow booth

4. Brow bar with glass showcase

This kind of eyebrow bar booth suits those who want to show more items for sale. We can add a glass cabinet near the entrance so that people can view and purchase directly. If you don’t want the showcase to occupy extra space, then a countertop showcase or insert wall cabinet are great choices. We can also add LED light lamps to the glass showcase to highlight the products. Besides, there is a water sink to wash hands and keep the overall eyebrow threading kiosk clean. There is a bulb light surrounding the mirror to get a better effect. View more kiosk booth design for sale

eyebrow threading kiosk

5. Unique eyebrow bar style

With a unique style of eyebrow threading kiosk, it will leave a deep impression on clients. For example, this barber kiosk combines white and purple decoration. It will have a lower-level wall at the front near the entrance. While the back wall is taller with a mirror for work. There is space between mirrors to increase a sense of design and catch the attention of competitors. No matter how unique the eyebrow threading kiosk you are looking for, we can customize it for you.

6. Eyebrow bar along with beauty room

The eyebrow threading kiosk is good for eyebrow threading service and eyelash extension service. However, you can also expand your business to beauty services or massage services. There is an individual room behind and a reserved space for facial beds and massage chairs. We can also add a room divider to separate them to keep the client’s privacy. Besides, remember to add a lockable drawer and cabinet to restore the items.

eyebrow threading kiosk

7. Colorful eyebrow bar

Colorful eyebrow bar studios are popular among people. Everyone loves attractive and useful eyebrow-threading kiosks. Below is a popular style in Australia and Canada, we have made more than 20 sets for different brands. It has a curved counter and the brand image wall with a colorful background highlighted with an LED lamp surrounding it. It looks charming and elegant. We can also add a ceiling bridge at the entrance or at the backside to make your massage booth outstanding. There is also a glass showcase in the front area for showing more items while behind used as a working station with a mirror or as a storage cabinet. Flooring is also an important part of beauty kiosks, especially when mall management requires a floor.

8. Retro eyebrow threading booth

Retro eyebrow threading booths are another popular style in the shopping center. Merchants can use color surface decorations, and wooden effects to achieve nice retro effects. There are round-shaped mirrors with backlit to increase the brilliance when doing eyebrow threading services. There is also wall light decoration that highly matches the eyelash shop theme. Besides, the menu, posters, and even stickers make the overall eyebrow bar station look good. If you have special requirements or color combinations, we can customize it for you.

Eyebrow cabinet

Eyebrow cabinet

9. Classic eyebrow threading booth

Classic eyebrow threading booths are common in Canada, as you have decided on a beauty kiosk design, it will be a symbol of your brand concept or shop theme. When people see the color combination or booth style, they will be reminded of your brand for the first time. It helps enhance the company’s image. This classic kiosk includes a working area with a mirror and individual glass showcase counters. There is metal frame decoration, which makes the entire kiosk look good. There is also metal ceiling support to hang the spotlight for the working area. While the lightbox painting is set near the entrance to let people understand your services. Beautiful and charming eyebrow extensions and eyelash effects also help attract more clients.

Eyebrow threading kiosk

No matter how unique and special eyebrow threading kiosk you want, you can get a nice solution from Mall Kiosk. We have a professional designer team, that can make your dreamy booths into reality. The primary materials include MDF with matte or brilliant glossy baking paint finishes, wooden panel effect, metal decoration, tempered glass showcase, stainless steel, acrylic, etc. You can also choose an artificial stone countertop to get a better display effect.

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