What do you think about opening a wine bar counter? Many people open a drinks kiosk in the shopping center, restaurants, and outdoor malls. Clients can view and buy a cup of beverage when passing by. Here is an excellent wine bar counter sharing with you. It uses to sell wines, beer, and cocktails.

drinks kiosk

Description of the bar counter

  • Size: We can make a size 12ft by 12ft, to fit the mall location.
  • Color: The main color is yellow and black. Looks high-end and can reflect the beverage kiosk theme.
  • Materials: Primary material is Plywood with wooden bar finishes. The countertop color is black with warm LED under the counter light decoration. Other materials include stainless steel kicking, wooden lamination, mirror effect stainless steel kicking, etc.

drinks kiosk

Layout information

This drinks kiosk has a seating table, a cashier counter, a display rack, and a display counter. People can sit down and talk with friends. It’s essential to set up a bar counter with bar chairs for the beverage kiosk. There are 2 cashier registers on the opposite side, which allows people to order without waiting. The center counter has a wooden display counter, it has open shelving on the countertop. It is good to place wines and glass cups here. And the counter has a storage cabinet used for storage. The juice kiosk has double layers of countertop, the lower countertop uses for work, and the top countertop is less wide and used as a dining counter. A salesperson can also pass items to clients.

drinks kiosk

How to make drinks kiosk at Mall-Kiosk?

You can tell us your requirements about the mall food counter, including sizes, colors, and counter layout. Our design team can make 3D designs based on your needs. Equipment can also show in the kiosk design. You can also adjust and decide final kiosk design for production.