Vape kiosk plays a big role in the retail market. With the rapid development of society, smoking, and alcoholic drinks are very common socializing. It’s known that vapes are not same harmful to our health as tobacco. Vapes have a great market, and it’s a good idea to start a vape kiosk to earn money. Today, I want to share a classic vape kiosk with you.

Vape shop design

Introduction of vape kiosk

This vape stop suit is for a 16ft by 8ft area, with wooden surface decoration. Creates a modern and natural shop theme. It can also better show the items well. We make it for a brand Vape Stop in Colorado, USA. It has multiple glass cabinets on 4 sides, meeting the demands to show more products for sale.

cigerette kiosk

There is a tall display stand near the entrance door, it has the brand logo on the top, and below are lightbox posters. An individual glass cabinet near the door with posters at the side, poeple can notice and view your business in a good way.

smoke kiosk

Both sides have a glass display cabinet with multiple layers. Each layer has a light lamp to brighten the items. A reception counter with a brand sign in the front reminds people of your business while checking bills. Both sides have lightbox posters, so that poeple can notice your business when passing by.

Assembly effects

Vape counter Vape kiosk

The vape kiosk is made according to the 3D design drawing. People can see what it will look like after installing well. Our workers will also test it and clean it, then pack each counter for delivery.

Whenever you plan to start a unique vape kiosk, you will get a good design solution at Mall Kiosk. Contact us to get more design solutions.