Juice kiosk

We all like to drink delicious fruit drinks in the hot summer. This is a 2x2m kiosk display. The size is smaller for starting businesses with low budgets. We can also customize a new size kiosk for you. Let me introduce this kiosk to you.

juice kiosk

Juice kiosk layout

The juice kiosk is made of materials: plywood and laminate, with a tabletop display of artificial stone. The front display of the juice kiosk is cash register and electronic advertising machine display, and the side display of the logo. The wall is wood grain wall and rainbow acrylic luminous counter. We also designed snack display shelves on the tabletop, so that we can display our food on the tabletop. The layout of the juice kiosk inside and the display of the juicer next to the design of the water tank.


juice kiosk


Size: 2x2m

Color: Red + wood grain

Materials: plywood and laminate

Kick: stainless steel

Design: Acrylic logo, poster, electronic advertising machine

juice kiosk

Acrylic panel

This juice kiosk is a glowing panel display using acrylic, with frosted acrylic panels and electronic advertising posters in red.

juice kiosk

Customized service

The last. we are a custom factory. We have made many juice kiosks. We can also make a new design for you. According to your requirements, we can customize a new kiosk display cabinet, which can add your own logo, model light box painting, sink, juice machine, cash register, sealing machine, and so on. If you are interested in this kiosk, please contact us in time and we will do a new design style and design scheme for you. To provide you with a satisfactory service and high-quality products.

juice kiosk