This is a macaron cabinet used in the mall. This macaron cabinet can sell both macarons and ice cream. On the front and back are glass display cases for macarons. On the side is a freezer where you can sell ice cream. This Macaron cabinet is custom-made, a 3D model is designed before production and can be tailored to your needs. If you don’t need the ice cream cabinet and want to sell other desserts, we can also modify it for you and add other equipment.

macaron kiosk

macaron kiosk


There’s a light on the side of this macaron, and it looks very retro and beautiful, and decorative.


On the front and side of this cabinet, we can see the black logo, which is a good place to advertise your business. People will remember your name when they see your logo and an attractive logo can make a great first impression on others.

How to install it?

We will make a detailed installation manual, you only need to operate according to the manual. And we will check the circuit and quality before shipment. Ensure that the products you receive are in perfect condition.
Other information
Size: 3 *2 M
Material: MDF with baking paint
Color: Pink
Design time: 2-3 days
Design amount: 300 USD, which will be returned to you after the product is confirmed

Why choose us?

We have 20 years of production experience and a professional design team. The cabinets we produced are well received and returned by many customers. This shows that our service and technology are satisfactory. Moreover, our office is only 20 meters away from the factory, so you can know the progress of production at any time and ensure the quality of production. Moreover, our cabinets are factory direct sales, so the price is not high.