Macaron kiosks are mainly used to sell macaron and desserts. No matter what is your location size, we can make the macaron kiosk fit your business. If you are going to start with a macaron kiosk, don’t forget to choose an attractive and unique design. Here is an attractive macaron kiosk sharing with you. It may give you better ideas for decorating mall food kiosks.

macaron kiosk

Description of macaron kiosk

This macaron kiosk includes two counters, which is suitable for starting a business and needs a small location. The front counter is used as a reception counter. Merchants can also add macaron samples and models to attract poeple. It has white street light decoration stands on the table, which makes the dessert kiosk look good, and the brand signage hangs here to remind poeple of your business. We can also set beverage machines under the cabinet to increase business.

macaron kiosk

Another counter at the back uses a glass display showcase. It’s good to place macarons for clients to purchase—a cashier register set at the side to collect bills. You can also put items here for better display items. At the front is a large wheel decoration, which looks very special. We can also add flower decorations on the counter body for advertising.

Mall kiosk options: Candy kiosk decoration

macaron counter

Natural macaron booth effect at the mall

We can see the natural effect when the macaron booth is installed at the mall. It’s upscale and can make the macaron shop look good. It also has wooden flooring with stainless edges. Two people can complete the installation work. First, take the counter out of the wooden crate, put the counters in the correct location, and finally, connect the wires. Brilliant color and unique design make the sweet kiosk outstanding.

macaron booth  dessert kiosk

Material information

The primary material is MDF with baking paint, which has a glossy and high-end effect. Other materials include metal tubes, stainless steel, acrylic logo, lighting, etc. The color is light blue, white, and brown color. If you have any new ideas, please contact us and get the ideal food kiosk design soon.