Do you plan to start a macaron kiosk in the mall? Macaron has become a popular sweet food among poeple because of its sweet taste and good looks. Before starting a macaron kiosk business, it’s necessary to select a useful and attractive dessert booth. If it’s your first time busines, the below macaron kiosk may help a lot. Let’s get more information together.

sweet counter

Custom macaron kiosk design

This macaron kiosk mainly uses all flavors of macarons for clients to purchase. There are multiple layers of glass cabinets surrounding the kiosk line. We can add a slop panel for each layer to show more food, it is also good for clients to view the macaron better.

sweet booth

There is a red spot that decorates the counters and is used as the background of the brand name. There are green plant decorations at the corner, increasing a sense of nature and high level the shop theme. There is a cashier counter in red color near the entrance. On the opposite side is brand signage with silver metal frame support. Check sweet kiosk design

Macaron counter

LED light is very important for retail food kiosks, especially for those areas that lack light. Each glass cabinet has an LED light lamp to highlight the macaron products. Merchants can also add white LED light to the kick area to attract eyes attention. Besides, luminous brand signage makes your booth a focus point, it will also leave a deep impression on clients. If the mall permits, we can also add a top ceiling to increase the light.

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