Fruit kiosk is good to use in a supermarket, shopping mall, and even agricultural market. As the saying goes, an apple a day keeps the doctor away. Poeple like fruit because it is a healthier food and can supplement the trace elements we need. It’s a good idea to open a beverage kiosk to earn money. Today, I want to choose a nice fruit kiosk to share with you.

fruit kiosk

Introduction of fruit kiosk

This fruit kiosk was lovely when I first saw it. The main color is white with blue decoration. As we can see in the design, it has 2 cup models on both sides with straw support in blue color. Cup models are popular for bubble tea kiosks. The brand name and attachment to the surface of the cup model, are very attractive. In the middle is a square counter with posters, that vividly show our products to people. While the top has a brand logo on the ceiling.

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fruit kiosk

We can see the back side wall has fruit model effects, that vividly show your products to the public. There is a window in the middle, you can use it as a pick-up counter. Inside counters have space for beverage machines, cashier registers, and lock cabinets. You can also use it as a drink kiosk. The roof has the brand logo backlit, and vividly shows items to clients.

fruit kiosk

Material information

We can see the fruit kiosk uses MDF to build the fruit kiosk body, it can make unique shapes and styles. The surface treatment is white glossy baking paint, brightness, and a high level of the shop theme. The blue countertop can protect the table and make the juice kiosk look better. Warm LED light surrounds the kicking, making your juice kiosk look attractive. Other materials include stainless steel, acrylic, hardware, etc. Our designer will make the fruit booth according to your requirements. Whenever you are in need, contact us to get more design solutions.