Green tea kiosks and bubble tea kiosks are everywhere in the shopping mall. It is good to sell green tea and promote company culture. I want to share a nice tea kiosk in the shopping mall today. Today, I want to share a nice design tea kiosk with you. It’s made for clients from Qatar.

Tea kiosk

Description of tea kiosk

We can see in the design this tea kiosk is red with a white counter table. That attracts eyes and attention and levels the shop theme. The tea kiosk is round and looks like a teapot with a lid and spout. It is vivid to deliver your products and services to consumers inside the display shelving and cabinets for usage. The water sink is set on the top to wash and keep the coffee kiosk clean. Frosted tempered glass sets on the countertop to prevent people’s viewing inside the working table.

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tea kiosk

Product information

  • Size: Diameter 3m, height 2m
  • Color: White and red
  • Materials: MDF, glossy baking paint, metal, frosted glass, artificial stone countertop, etc. You can also choose fiberglass to build the kiosk body, which is fireproof and waterproof.
  • Design time: 3-5 work days. If you want to adjust somewhere, we can help you to modify it soon.
  • Produce time: About 28 work days from order start.

tea kiosk

How to make tea kiosk design

The design team will create counter models that follow the mall rules and clients’ requirements. So, it would help if you first told us your idea about the tea kiosk design: including sizes, colors, brand logo, materials, and layout. You can even send us a reference photo. Then you can check the beverage kiosk design and make the final decision. Workers will produce the mall drink kiosk according to the confirmed drawing. That’s to make sure you can get ideal tea kiosks soon.