If you’re looking for a portable and convenient solution for your fast food business, then you need to check out the 5m×4m Sushi Kiosk Booth Portable Fast Food Kiosk for Sale. This kiosk is designed to provide your customers with a unique and enjoyable experience while they enjoy their favorite sushi dishes.

sushi kiosk

Description of sushi kiosk

With its compact size of 5m×4m, this kiosk can be easily transported to any location and set up in minutes, making it perfect for outdoor events, festivals, or even for serving customers in crowded areas. The kiosk also comes with all the necessary equipment and features to ensure seamless and efficient food service. From refrigeration units to display cases, this kiosk has everything you need to serve sushi quickly and efficiently.

fast food kiosk

The sushi kiosk is a compact and modern structure that stands 5 meters wide and 4 meters long. It is painted in a striking shade of blue color that catches the eye of anyone who walks by. The food kiosk‘s exterior is decorated with artificial green grass, which adds a refreshing touch to the overall appearance.

The kiosk’s glass façade is made of tempered glass that offers excellent protection against the elements while allowing natural light to flood the interior. The interior of the fast food kiosk features a tiled surface that is easy to clean and maintain.

sushi kiosk

On the back wall of the kiosk, the brand logo is prominently displayed. The logo is black lettering against white light, which contrasts nicely with the blue of the kiosk. The logo is also illuminated, making it easily visible even at night.

Overall, the sushi kiosk is a sleek and stylish structure that is sure to attract customers. Its blue color, green grass decoration, and brand logo make it stand out from the crowd. And it’s tempered glass and tiled surface ensure that it is both functional and durable.