Cotton candy kiosk is popular among people. Both children, teenagers, and adults like them because of their sweet taste and exciting produce. Cotton candy kiosks give us good spirits. It’s one of the up-and-coming business projects. Today, I want to introduce a yummy clouds cotton candy kiosk.

cotton candy kiosk

Cotton candy kiosk description

This candy kiosk is suitable for shopping malls, streets, and snack stores. It needs a location of 240cm by 160cm space, fit for small business ideas. The front counter is working, and the reception desk is. We can attach the brand logo and cloud candy models to attract people. Lightbox painting set at two corners to promote products. Two cotton candy machines were also placed in the corner for work.

cotton candy kiosk

The bottom area has colorful decorations surrounding the sweet kiosk. It also has a bright entrance door, which looks attractive and fantastic. It has V style ceiling over the stall and looks like a home roof with brand signage in the middle. Near it is an imitation chimney shape with two marshmallow-shaped decorations on it, very vividly highlighting your shop and business. The decoration of the flag hangs in the air to fill the visual gap.

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cotton candy kiosk

Lighting decoration

Lighting is essential for a retail food kiosk, especially for a cotton candy booth. This mall kiosk mainly uses purple and blue light decorations. Brand logos and under-counter lights also highlight the shop theme. Neon lighting is also an excellent option to attract the eye’s attention. When you plan to open a dessert kiosk, contact us to get more information.