Whether you’re looking for a cotton candy kiosk or a mobile lollipop display counter, we have what you need to sweeten up your business or event. It is attractive, easy to use, and customizable, so it’s the perfect addition to any occasion. We can customize a cotton candy kiosk for you. With lollipop display counters, you can add a fun, colorful element to your event. They’re perfect for kids and adults alike, and they’re sure to be a hit.

sweet food kiosk

Introduction of cotton candy kiosk

A cotton candy kiosk is a small, freestanding structure designed to sell cotton candy. The kiosk has three side counters, providing ample space for customers to order and purchase their sweet treats. The kiosk is predominantly pink in color, adding to the playful and whimsical atmosphere of the candy shop.

lollipop counter

The dessert kiosk features a display rack for cotton candy, allowing customers to see the different colors and flavors available before making their purchase. So, we can complement the display rack with a variety of other sweets such as lollipops and candy bars, making the kiosk a one-stop shop for all things sugar.

modern candy kiosk

We can design the candy kiosk with wheel decoration, adding to the overall aesthetic of the structure. Besides, the roof of the kiosk with metal support, providing stability and ensuring the kiosk can withstand outdoor elements.

There is also a bottom storage cabinet for the food court counter, providing ample space for storing supplies. Such as sugar, cones, and other necessary materials. So merchants can prepare items for sale. Overall, the cotton candy kiosk is a fun and functional addition to any outdoor event or shopping center.

dessert kiosk

Material Introduction

We mainly use MDF to make the kiosk body. The unique counter models and styles make the candy counter vivid and luxurious. The surface treatment is glossy baking paint, which has a smooth effect and looks brilliant. We can also attach stickers as decoration. If you have any questions or ideas, contact us immediately.

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