How do you think to start with a handbag kiosk in the high-end shopping center? People pursue luxury goods, which are a status symbol, and have a good spirit. It’s a great idea to start a business with a handbag kiosk. You can also sell related items, like luxury watches, belts, ties, wallets, etc. Today, I want to share a useful handbag kiosk with you.

bag kiosk

Custom handbag kiosk

This handbag kiosk is 3m by 2m. It has a glass showcase to show the products in order. Which vividly presses items to people and increases their purchase desire. We can see there are 2 2-layer display cabinets at the front counter. It is good to sort out items and present products to clients for purchase. Golden brand name set at the bottom to remind poeple of your business.

handbag kiosk

There are 2-layer square display cabinets set at 4 corners. It is higher than other counters and is used as a window display. We can add golden metal tube support, which increases the metal texture and additional value of products. Don’t forget to use the storage cabinet inside, merchants can prepare some inventory for consignment. Learn more about glass kiosk

handbag booth

Material information

We mainly use Plywood to produce the overall handbag kiosk. Surface treatment is laminate, which increases a high-end feeling and leaves a deep impression on people. 8mm tempered glass with LED light lamp makes the showcase area look good. It also reflects the products well. Golden stainless steel kick with floor light makes your booth outstanding.

If you want a glossy and brilliant style, MDF with baking paint finishes is a great choice. Whenever you plan to start a business, contact us and get a nice handbag kiosk design here.