The Green Color Fruit Kiosk Popular Fruit Shop with Roof in the Mall is one of the most popular fruit kiosks in the mall. It is known for its fresh and healthy fruits, which are sold at very affordable prices. Let’s view more information about the fruit kiosk

fruit booth

The kiosk paints in a vibrant green color, which makes it stand out from other kiosks in the mall. The roof of the kiosk is in green color, we can attach ceiling light to highlight the fruit shop.

fruit booth

Description of fruit kiosk

A fruit kiosk with a vibrant green color scheme is sure to catch your attention from afar. The kiosk features glass shelving to display an array of fresh fruits, enticing customers with their vibrant colors and delicious aromas. A sales counter is located at the front of the kiosk. Where customers can approach to make their purchases. The kiosk also features a storage cabinet at the back to keep additional stock, ensuring that the fruit on display remains fresh at all times.

fruit counter

An elegant light lamp illuminates the beverage kiosk, highlighting the colors and textures of the fruits on display. The kiosk also features a logo that is prominently displayed at the front, reflecting the brand identity of the fruit seller. We can also add a stone countertable, that’s a high level of the fruit shop theme. And we can also add green grass decoration on the back wall.

fruit cabinet

Overall, the fruit kiosk exudes a fresh and inviting ambiance, making it the perfect spot for fruit lovers to indulge in their favorite treats. Whenever you want to view the kiosk booth, we can customize it for you.