How about opening a sports clothing kiosk in the mall? Many merchants begin with the clothing business because it’s easy to operate and earn money. Today, I want to share a nice clothing kiosk sharing with you. It’s good to sell spots suits, hats, and retail items.

Introduction of clothing kiosk

This clothing kiosk is more used as an exhibition show and promoting the brand. So you can place all kinds of products in this kiosk. It includes a clothing rack, glass cabinets, a display cashier counter, and a brand logo area. All the cabinets have wheels at the bottom for easy moving.

clothing kiosk

The clothing booth has cabinets on 3 sides, with the front area open and looks like a retail shop. Consumers can enter the shop to select products. We can see the entrance has 3 metal tubes on both sides to hang the brand logo, and lightbox paintings to show products. A round display rack is set here to show more clothing styles. Next to it is a glass display cabinet with a sliding door, attractive and useful.

More design ideas about clothing store fixture

clothing kiosk

We can see the back side has a double-sided display. The inner side has a slat wall cabinet and open shelving. While the outer has small glass cabinets to show retailer items. The site also has shelving with a glass door to make full use of time.

The cashier counter along with a hat and handbag kiosk at the left-hand side. It can be used to serve people, pay cashiers, and show items to clients. You can also use it as an embroidery kiosk.

clothing kiosk


The main material is MDF with a metal tube, which looks attractive and highlights the shop theme. The surface treatment is matte glossy golden decoration and black baking paint. Other materials include 8mm tempered glass with LED lights. Stainless steel kicking protects the kiosks and makes them use longer time.

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