As young people pay more and more attention to self-image management, the demand for cosmetics is also increasing, and beauty makeup and skin care has become a fashion trend. When we see high-end cosmetics cabinets in stores with all kinds of cosmetics, we can’t help but want to go into the store and buy them. It can be seen that cosmetics also need a special cabinet to attract more customers.

Cosmetic cabinet description

As can be seen from the picture, there are three counters in the front, and the left and right cabinets are the same. Some cosmetics are placed on the table of these two cabinets, mainly for customers to make up. The center cabinet can be used for customers to try on or display cosmetics, and there are two stools beside it. The counter at the back is mainly used to display cosmetics. The counter at the back where cosmetics are displayed is made up of identical little grids. The middle cabinet is 1000*300*1500 mm, which is mainly used to store cosmetics. The side cabinets provide rest for customers. We also designed the logo and light box on the surface of the cabinet, which can not only promote the brand, but also attract attention.cosmetic cabinet in mall



This cosmetic cabinet is white, and the lighting is also designed with cool colors, looking very white and elegant. Usually we see cosmetics in a variety of colors, so this color and lighting can be a good backdrop for cosmetics. In addition, the irregular shape of the cosmetics cabinet is also relatively fashionable.


This cosmetic cabinet is divided into two parts. Toughened glass is used to display cosmetics, and MDF is used as the base material. The surface of the cabinet is treated with lacquer to make it look shiny. The bottom has a stainless steel edge, which can extend the service life.


No matter the material, size or style, we can make special customization according to your requirements. If you have any other needs, please contact us.