How about starting a business with a potato kiosk? Potato is one of the popular foods among people. It can make many different styles of food and can drive away hunger. It’s a good idea to start a business with a snack kiosk in the shopping mall. Good kiosk design and delicious potato taste help you gain more clients and earn profit. Today, I want to share a nice potato kiosk with you. You may have more ideas when choosing your food kiosk.

potato kiosk

Description of potato kiosk

This potato kiosk is suitable for selling snacks and drinks, like a fast food restaurant in the shopping center. We can see an L-style counter with the brand logo on the front counter. View as a service counter. Behind the counter is a yellow fence background decoration with a logo and TV player. You can set up an advertising stand for advertising. Besides, the roof connects to the large working counter in black. People can order and pick up food here. We can attach the brand logo, posters, and water sinks for better usage.

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French fries kiosk

As we can see, the opposite side has an individual room, which people can use as a storage room to restore items for sale. The middle area has tables and chairs; people can sit and enjoy their meals. It has two large lightbox paintings with yellow tube support. It is good to show your products and services to clients. You can also view it as a sales window so that people will only directly view the customers from the inside. The front area has display cabinets on both sides. People can help themself with food and beverages.

snack kiosk

The leading tone of the potato kiosk is wooden, yellow, and black with red decorations. It looks good and is convenient for work so you can use it for your kiosk design. And our designer can make it fit your location size. Whenever you need a fast food kiosk, please send us an inquiry at the beginning.