Watch kiosks helpful to start a business in the shopping mall. Many people want high-end, and luxury watch showcases to highlight the shop’s theme and products. You can get wonderful watch kiosk designs from Mall Kiosk. We provide customized watch booths for you. Here is an excellent watch kiosk sharing with you.

watch showcase

Description of watch kiosk

This watch kiosk size is 3m by 2m and looks like a retail watch shop. The leading tone is dark wooden with golden metal decoration, which looks attractive and can highlight the brand theme. Like most retail booths in the mall, the watch display booth has individual showcases, brand logos, and advertising posters. It’s also a good idea to add a roof and LED light. All of your ideas will add to the kiosk design.

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watch booth

Layout information

For high-end watch kiosks, it is necessary to express brand culture and product value to consumers. There are two single-watch showcases at the entrance. It is used as a sales window display, aiming to attract people to enter the shop. The logo attaches to the metal base to leave a deep impression. The back wall has a long display counter with glass showcases. Merchants can place items in order so people can view and purchase them well. You can also use it as a gift kiosk. Led light adds to the surface and flooring for the main display. Behind the watch, a counter is storage cabinets with moveable shelving.

watch kiosk


A large light box poster on the back wall is used as a brand image wall. So people will remember you well based on your warm service and unique design. Remember to make shopfront signage that allows people to see you from a distance. 3D luminous logos are a good choice. If you have new ideas, contact us. We can make a watch and jewelry kiosk to show you the details.