The cake kiosk is like a beautiful art display. When people pass by the kiosk, they can see many different styles of cakes not displayed on the cake shelf. The neatly placed cake is like a piece of art. People can’t help but stop to appreciate the magnificent display stand.

cake kiosk

This cake kiosk has two areas, one is the bar display of cake making, and the other is the waiting area for rest and guests, where some tables and chairs are displayed. The outside is fenced off so we can enjoy our food from the inside.

cake kiosk

Cake kiosk description

Size: The cake-making area is 4×3 meters, and the guest dining area is 4×3 meters

Color: White + yellow + coffee or whatever color you want

Product name: Cake kiosk, leisure area, snack kiosk, fast food kiosk

Bottom: stainless steel kicker

Tabletop: Artificial stone

Others: acrylic logo signs, posters, cash register, equipment

cake kiosk

Customized service

We are a customized factory, and we have made kiosks with many different designs. If you want to open a cake or snack restaurant, you can contact us directly. We can provide you with more different designs, styles, and different angles. If you have some design ideas you can contact our customer service and we will give you a professional design plan and different styles.

cake kiosk