Cosmetics Kiosk

With the progress of science and technology, people’s demand for beauty is also higher and higher. So some nail hair, eyebrow, makeup, beauty, and other industries develop rapidly. So we will see beauty shops, nail shops, eyebrow shops, and other medical beauty shops everywhere in the shopping centers of some shopping malls. The following is a very popular style for nail shops and beauty shop makeup shops. We have made this style for many countries.

makeup kiosk makeup kiosk

Cosmetic Kiosk layout

You can see this makeup store design is quite complete. The front of the kiosk will have our design of the store logo. And on both sides of the pillars will have our display posters. which can display manicures, beauty, beauty, and so on marketing posters. I think this is a good promotion booth. In the interior of the beauty shop, we can see that there will be a cashier, and on the back, there is also a display cabinet with a wall design for nail beauty, which is a multi-layer display. Arrange a display case on each side. In the middle of the kiosk, we will design a double-sided display cabinet, which can make full use of our storage space. In the position of the column, we designed a partition board to put our products, and on the other side, we set up a mirror, table, chair, etc., for customers to try on or display.

makeup kioskCosmetic Kiosk Decoration

This is the back design of the cosmetics store. On the back of it, there will display of our store logo and posters. At the same time, our store logo is light, you can see it is a good store display. Its storefront wall is special, like a person who needs to make up waiting for the store to wake up after some operation to become beautiful, this is the design of the design concept.

makeup kiosk

In addition, if you want to do a store design or want to display cabinets. We can customize them for you. Because we are a customized furniture factory. So you can tell us if you have ideas, and we will design and customize them for you.