Sushi kiosk

Sushi is a kind of food that people like to eat very much nowadays. We usually can often see many styles of sushi kiosk display cases in shopping malls. This is a 3×3 meter kiosk. Let me introduce it to you and give you more information about how to build a sushi restaurant.

sushi kiosk

Sushi kiosk description

Size: 3×3 m

Color: Gray or your favorite color

Surface treatment: paint, artificial stone, pasteboard

Countertop: Artificial stone

Kick: stainless steel

logo: Acrylic

Poster: Model picture

Others: custom requirements, light belt, light box painting

sushi kiosk

Catering area

People love to try something fresh for the first bite, and sushi is no exception, so we designed a dining and resting area on either side of the sushi kiosk. With four high chairs on each side, guests’ items and food can be placed on the tabletop. It’s a very handy decoration. A clear kiosk display gives our customers a good look. We will design a stainless steel kicker at the bottom of the kiosk to prevent the kiosk from being in contact with the ground for a long time and damaging the service life of the kiosk.

sushi kiosk

Customized service

The design surface of the sushi kiosk is very attractive and attractive to customers. Hygiene is also important for food. This theme color is compared to that used in food kiosks. The neatly arranged cutlery and sushi show the cleanliness of our store. We are a custom factory and we would be happy to make a custom service presentation for you. If you are interested in our sushi pavilion, you can contact us directly and we will provide you with more details.

sushi kiosk