Sushi kiosk

The sushi we all like to eat, especially close to the holiday when we like to go out to eat a little snack to enjoy the holiday brings us pleasure. So it is necessary to open a sushi restaurant. Let me show you the display of our sushi restaurant. The kiosk measures 10x12ft. Using wood panels and paint as substrates, the working area is a tabletop display of artificial stone.

sushi kiosk

Sushi kiosk Layout

The sushi kiosk is a design shape with a roof, and you can see that the top of it will be decorated with small red lanterns and a display of the sushi restaurant’s design projects. In the middle is a poster display area where we can design electronic poster forms. So we can show our sushi restaurant to our customers. The sushi bar is a three-sided display area, and the display area you can see is going to be the front of the sushi bar. Our front is the display of the logo and the display position of the poster. These can be customized according to your requirements.

sushi kiosk

Sushi kiosk detail

The front of the sushi kiosk is a working area for the sushi seller, where we can display our sushi. You can also sell sushi on the back. It will design a tiered display of sushi so that customers can choose the right sushi according to their preferences.The side shows the location of the checkout counter of the sushi restaurant so that customers can choose their sushi and pay for it, as well as choose their favorite sushi store and so on.


color: red、white or any you like

Material: plywood+ baking paint

Design: Add logo, cabinet, and so on according to your custom requirements

sushi kiosk

Customized service

We are a direct custom factory, we have done a lot of sushi restaurant cases, and we have a professional team of designers. We will create a new sushi restaurant design for you so that you can show your requirements, logo, and your own design on our design drawings. If you also like this design style of the sushi kiosk please give us more details to show.

sushi kiosk