Are you looking for a nice sushi kiosk in recent years? Many people like to eat sushi at lunch because it fasts and has a unique taste. This design may give you decoration ideas when you plan to open a sushi kiosk. It is shipped to Canada and used in the shopping center.

sushi kiosk

Information of sushi kiosk

  • Usage: Good to sell sushi, snacks, and fast food.
  • Size: 10ft by 15ft
  • Color: Black with green signage
  • Materials: Plywood, laminate, stainless steel, 8mm tempered glass, metal tube, hardware, acrylic, artificial stone, etc.
  • Design idea: Based on the client’s unique requirements and mall specifications.
  • Timeline: It takes about 3-5 work days to make the 3D design and 26 work days to produce the sushi and fruit kiosk

sushi kiosk

We can see another large refrigerator on the front side. It is good to show all kinds of shoes to help people to choose. We can also add beverage machines as drink kiosks. At the same time, the side corner has a square counter with multiple shelving to display items. A metal tube in front of it keeps a suitable distance between clients and counters for protection. While the left-hand side has a freezer to keep food fresh, and the right-hand side has a working counter. Individual stainless steel stands in the center area to place more items. The sushi kiosk’s back counter has a water sink for better usage. You can also use 3-compartment sinks for work.

sushi kiosk

Roof and signage

It has a tall roof attached to the mall ceiling; it is good to show brand signage on four sides to the public. That makes people notice your sushi kiosk well. Attaching a logo on the counter body is also necessary to leave a deep impression. Menu and posters usually place at the cashier counter to guide orders.

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sushi cabinet

Real produce photos show

We can see the actual sushi kiosk from the completed photos. We will also take pictures and videos to show you the fast food kiosk effect during production.

sushi counter