Do you plan to open a pizza kiosk in the shopping mall? The pizza kiosk is suitable for selling pizza, hot dogs, snacks, nuts, French fries, etc. You can also provide beverages to earn money. The food stall includes a service counter, cashier table, and working counter. Here is an excellent bread kiosk sharing with you; you can add your thoughts to make the pizza kiosk fits your business well.

pizza kiosk

Introduction of pizza kiosk

Size is 4m by 3m; this pizza booth includes three rows of counters. We can see the front counter has two cashier registers for ordering meals. The corners have L-style walls and advertising panels for advertising. They are taller frost glass walls surrounding the kiosk, which protect machines and the working area.

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pizza kiosk

The refrigerators are set under the counter to keep food fresh, and you can also set necessary machines we the back area for better usage. The Center has an individual counter; it’s good to use as a work table to prepare pizza and food. The primary color is red, and the cream color looks beautiful and fantastic. Orange color, red and yellow combined with white decoration are famous for fast food kiosks.

pizza kiosk

How to make a kiosk design?

  • First: Choose a basic kiosk style. You can choose a burger kiosk style as a basic design and tell us your ideas. This step is crucial and determines the kiosk sizes, color, layout, and material effects.
  • Second: Creates food kiosk models. Designers create each counter model of your kiosk and render clear photos. You can view the overall looks from different angles. If you have new ideas, we will update the kiosk design soon.
  • Third: Get the final design. You can decide kiosk design in this step. And produce according, so you can get what you want.