Pillows help people sleep comfortably; it’s a good business idea to open a pillow kiosk in the mall. You can display and sell all kinds of pillows for clients. Today, I want to share a nice pillow kiosk with you. Its customize design fits the mall cart location and meets its unique requirements.

Pillow Kiosk

Description of pillow kiosk

The pillow kiosk is green and wooden in color, giving people a feeling of being environmentally friendly. It also reflects the brand theme of “natural.” The size is 3m by 2.5m, a standard size that fits the mall location. Materials include plywood, lamination, wooden veneer, LED light, stainless steel, and acrylic logo.

Pillow Kiosk

The front has an individual counter with two layers to show pillows, and the bottom area has light box painting. Next to it is an L-style counter that fits the return corner. Between two counters is a tall stand suitable for placing brand logos and posters. You can also insert the TV screen here, but you should send us the TV size in advance to ensure it has enough space. The back side of the market stall has cabinets to show pillows on both sides; clients can purchase them directly. The left side has different levels of counters that can uniquely lead pillows.

Pillow Kiosk

Advertising & Flooring

Advertising is essential for a retail mall kiosk; it reminds people of your products and leaves a deep impression. You can add a lightbox on the counter body to appeal to clients. Wooden flooring highly matches the pillow mall booth, and it also tells people to enter your shop.

If you want a nice pillow kiosk, send us an inquiry now! We are here and ready to help.