How do you think about starting a business with a Starbucks kiosk? Many people drink Starbucks coffee as a start of daily life, even during lunchtime. It’s a great idea to open a nice Starbucks kiosk to earn money. No matter whether you open a Starbucks kiosk in the shopping mall or supermarket, this high-end coffee kiosk is a good choice. Let’s view more details together.

Starbucks booth

Introduction of Starbucks kiosk

This Starbucks kiosk size is 4m by 2m, it is decorated with a wooden bar strip and black metal tube. It looks high-end and makes the overall coffee shop outstanding. People will also leave a deep impression on your shop. It also becomes a symbol of your coffee shop.

Starbucks counter

The front counter has a cashier counter near the entrance, people order and pay bills here. Near it is a large espresso machine, merchants can prepare coffee here, and clients can also pick it up once ready. On both sides are metal net panels, which work as an entrance door, employees can easily get access to the shop, but clients are not allowed to go inside. View coffee stand design

Starbucks cabinet

The back side counter is a working bench, with blenders on the countertop. We can also install a water sink for washing hands and keep the Starbucks kiosk clean. There are wall display shelving, menu boards, and posters on the back wall so that people can purchase their favorite flavors. The decorated roof also makes the overall coffee kiosk outstanding. People can notice you from a long distance. The top ceiling with net at 3 sides, we can attach the brand logo here. Whenever you going to open an espresso kiosk, contact us now.