We can see popcorn kiosks everywhere in the shopping mall and street, especially near movie theaters and operas. It’s a profitable idea to open a popcorn kiosk because it is popular among people. Whenever you are ready to start, purchasing a wonderful popcorn kiosk is very necessary, let’s view more details information together.

Introduction of popcorn kiosk

The popcorn kiosk color combines pink and Khaki, creating a nice shop effect and making your booth outstanding. It includes a glass display counter, storage cabinet, and brand logo, we can also add an LED light to highlight items. The materials include MDF with baking paint surface, 8mm tempered glass, acrylic logo, stainless steel, etc.

Popcorn booth

We can see the popcorn kiosk looks like a big package with curved panels and looks very attractive. There is a big popcorn model with a brand logo attached to the wall, which vividly expresses your business to the clients.

The front counter has multiple glass showcases to place different flavors of popcorn. The cashier counter is set aside to remind poeple of your business. There is a wave panel on the front counter with a light logo. View corn kiosk design options

Popcorn cabinet

The back side counter has a storage counter with display shelving. It’s good to place drinks, convenient for poeple to buy. We can also put a glass display here to show more items. Beverage machines near it to help people purchase beverages. There is a TV player, brand logo, and spotlight here to remind people of your business. Learn more about sweet kiosk design

Whenever you plan to start a popcorn kiosk, you will find good options here. We have a professional design team, we have over 20 years of experience in customized popcorn kiosks.