Dessert kiosks and sweet food booths are popular among people. Everyone likes sweet food because it has a delicious taste and looks very attractive. It’s a profitable idea to start with a dessert booth to earn money. Whenever you plan to start a business, we can provide a unique fast-food kiosk for you. Here is a nice dessert kiosk to share with you.

fast food kiosk

Introduction of dessert booth

We can make the sweet food kiosk a size 3m by 2m. People can use it to sell ice cream, crepes, pancakes, bread, frozen yogurt, and snacks. The color is brown and cream color, it can reflect the products well. Materials include plywood with wooden laminate finishes. We can also use veneer surface decoration to gain a high-end food restaurant effect. Other materials include stainless steel, acrylic logo, light box painting, and frost glasses. We complete the whole food concession stall at our workshop, so the owner can use it directly.

sweet kiosk

Custom wooden kiosk design

We can design the wooden kiosk according to special ideas, and reservice enough space for equipment. There is an ice cream machine on the front counter, the middle is a cashier counter with light box painting decoration. The corner is a rotating display on the top. The site has a microwave and the back counter has 2 crepe machines and a water sink. Merchants can also set up espresso equipment and coffee blenders.

dessert kiosk

It has a ceiling bridge with metal support, we can attach the brand logo at the top to remind people of your business. We can also attach the brand logo, menu, and posters in the proper area for advertising. If you have new ideas or want a different design, we can meet your demands. We customize mall food kiosks for the brand theme. We are looking forward to cooperating with you soon.