Fresh juice kiosk is popular in the food court and shopping mall. It provides delicious orange juice to people. Merchants can also use it to sell bubble tea, smoothies, milkshake, and beverages. Here is an excellent juice kiosk introduced to you. You can use it outside the shopping mall, food court, and park.

fruit juice kiosk

Introduction of juice kiosk

This juice booth is on a wooden surface with acrylic signage on the counter body. The black strip decoration and metal tube support make the drink kiosk look good. Most of the coffee kiosk also uses wooden and dark color to high level the shop theme. The size is 4m by 2m, including reception, display, roof, stainless steel counters, menu, and light. The back uses tile decoration, increasing the shop theme and making the juice kiosk look better.

fresh juice cabinet

The front counter has toppings to guide people to purchase fresh food and flavors. On the left-hand side has three stairs of display cabinets. It is good to show hot sale items to increase sales. Because it remidns people of your juice stall has fresh items for sale. There is a water sink on the countertop of the backside. Near it is ample space for a beverage freezer. Clients can buy things from you directly.

View coffee trailer for outdoor business

juice showcase

Roof and light

Led light is essential for a new juice kiosk. It increases a warm shop atmosphere and is suitable for promoting a brand. Business people can hand on the light bulbs under the ceiling, kicking, and even underneath the counter. Brand logos and menus can also attach to the top to attract people.