Vape kiosks and e-cigarette booths are seen everywhere in shopping centers and convenience stores. People like smoke because it helps people temporarily escape the pressure of life and work, and make people feel relaxed. It’s a great idea to open a vape booth in the mall or supermarket. Here is a nice vape kiosk design to share with you. Let’s view more details together.

e-cigarette kiosk

Description of vape kiosk

  • Size: 260cm*260cm. The e-cigarette kisok suits a square area of 260cm, and the counter height is about 90cm. If you have size requirements, you can tell us in advance.
  • Color: Wooden, white, and black color. The wooden and white color makes the mall retail kiosk look attractive. We can also combine colors to make your cigarette booth outstanding.
  • Materials: Plywood with a laminate surface, solid wood strip, etc. The materials and structure are very important for a retail display booth. We can also use tempered glass cabinets to express products to clients.

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smoke kiosk

Layout information

We can see the front counter has a tall display stand with a logo in the middle, and near it are two glass cabinets on both sides, which is convenient for clients to select and view items. While the corners are squared counters with taller glass showcase, we can use it as the main display. Two sides have a glass cabinet with multiple layers, it is vivid to view the items. The entrance also has a glass showcase and cashier register set at the corner. We can also add flooring light to attract the eyes’ attention.

cigar booth

Real produce photos show

smoke showcase vape store design

Our workers focus on the manufacturing and process details. That’s to ensure the clients can receive their ideal retail display kiosk for business. Whenever you plan to start a business, contact us immediately to get more kiosk design solutions.