When entering the retail shop, we can see there are many unique T-shirt shops, clothing shops underwear shops, sports clothing shops, etc. Because everyone loves attractive and fashionable clothes and tries to chase a trend. It’s a great idea to open a T-shirt kiosk in the shopping mall to earn money. And it’s very important to purchase high-level and attractive T-shirt kiosks to earn money. It not only displays the T-shirts well, but it also appeals to consumers who buy T-shirt kiosks once see your shop. Moreover, the materials of the T-shirt kiosk play a big role. Good materials level the shop theme and can also make the T-shirts outstanding.

Solid wood material

Most mall kiosks use solid wood material. When choose solid wood to build a T-shirt kiosk, it will make your T-shirt kiosk outstanding and make your T-shirts look good. It is also viewed as a natural and environmentally friendly material that is highly acceptable by most mall managers. Because it gives people an elegant and noble feeling. It is usually used to display high-end products such as watches, jewelry, and cell phones. That can high level the shop theme and product value. We can also use it to build food kiosks or drink kiosks to express a healthy and fresh concept to the clients.

If you want a better shop effect and want people to notice you for the first time. Solid wood material is a good choice. However, the solid wood costs higher than other materials because it comes from natural wood. So when you are starting a business for the first time or have limited initial startup capital, you can consider other alternative materials, such as wood veneer or wooden grain laminate.

Frosted glass

Tempered glass

Glass display cabinets are usually used when products are displayed to guests and the guests cannot take them away at will. Ideal for displaying valuable items or products you want to draw customers’ attention to. We can make it countertop showcases or multiple layers of counter for T-shirt kiosks.

  • Tempered glass cabinet. 8mm tempered glass to make the display cabinets. It can have an LED light lamp on the top of each shelving to make the product look good. It can also be used as the main display that can show popular T-shirt styles or items for clients to purchase. Besides, the glass cabinet with locks, so that others won’t touch the items without permission. View glass kiosk design
  • Clear glass panel. Clear glass countertop is usually set in the front of the counter so that people can see you but won’t get close. It’s very important during COVID-19.
  • Frosted glass panel. However, the frosted glass is usually set on the countertop of the working area. Clients can’t see the workspace from outside. Merchants can also set it in the front of print equipment. So that clients won’t get reach to the equipment. It’s also regarding the mall manager’s limited counter height and special requirements.

MDF with baking paint

MDF has a smooth surface effect, which is conducive to making display cabinets, obtaining high-end display effects, and promoting brand themes. Such as beauty kiosks, perfume kiosks, jewelry kiosks, shoe kiosks, etc. Most T-shirt kiosks are made of MDF and painted with white gloss paint. Varnish is a flexible, durable material made from tree sap, synthetic resin, or cellulose dissolved in a solvent. The finish is applied in layers, with each layer sanded and polished to achieve a smooth, glossy finish.

  1. Economic Value. Because it is low-cost and affordable. As a result, merchants can often purchase MDF at a fraction of the cost of purchasing solid wood. You can save money for other uses, which gives you a lot of flexibility in your project budget.
  2. Environmental friendly. MDF uses 100% recycled materials, which means no trees are cut down, making it very environmentally friendly.
  3. Various styles. MDF is easily painted in a variety of colors and is easier to shape than solid wood. Easier to cut and engrave to meet unique design requirements
  4. Bright colors. This sleek, attractive paint is available in a variety of color options and different store themes
  5. Protection from pests. MDF is resistant to termites and other insects due to the chemicals used in its construction during the manufacturing process.
  6. Chemically stable. Resistant to acids, water, and abrasion, and easy to maintain with non-abrasive cleaners. MDF will not expand or shrink in high-temperature and humid environments.

Plywood with laminate

Plywood with a laminate surface is a common clothing kiosk material. The merchants can use upgraded flame retardant plywood to get a high-level shop theme and even meet high-end mall specifications. Below are the advantages of plywood.

  • Compression resistance: Choose high-quality regular wood as the panel, and the multi-layer board made of precision processing has very good compression resistance and is not prone to distortion, cracking, expansion, and other phenomena during use.
  • Natural: The multi-layer board that can adjust indoor temperature and humidity also retains the natural grain of the wood, making the T-shirt kiosk made from it more beautiful, natural, and fresh.
  • Affordable: Compared with solid wood boards, Plywood is affordable. Merchants can choose their favorite Laminate color to highlight brand features and product features. In addition to wood grain, you can also choose red, blue, white, black, or even stone grain.

T-shirt kiosk

Artificial stone

Artificial stone can be used to build the countertop of a T-shirt kiosk. Compared with natural stone, it is scratch-resistant and wear-resistant, has higher hardness, and is more practical.

  • Beautiful and elegant appearance. The surface of artificial stone is smooth and not easy to fade. It also has the texture of natural stone and is very decorative. In addition, its appearance has no gaps, it is not easy for water to enter, its water absorption rate is low, its anti-fouling and dirt-resistance effect is very good, and it is also easier to clean!
  • Wear-resistant and high-temperature resistant. Artificial stone is also a stone material with certain wear resistance and a relatively long service life. And the stone has a certain degree of temperature resistance. If used as a cabinet countertop, it is very durable!
  • Many colors and styles. Artificial stone is very malleable and can be produced in various shapes and colors according to market demand, and the decorative effect is also very good.
  • Natural, environmentally friendly, and pollution-free. The raw materials used in artificial stone are natural materials such as stone powder and resin. There is no need to mix harmful substances during the construction process. Therefore, artificial stone is relatively green and environmentally friendly.

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Stainless steel

Metal kiosks are popular in major shopping malls across the country. As the leading product of modern display cabinets, most specialty stores use metal display cabinets. The main reason should be that metal gives the products a contemporary flavor. Metal display cabinets are also usually used to display high-priced products such as jewelry, watches, branded cosmetics, perfumes, etc. However, T-shirt kiosks usually use stainless steel skirting to protect the counter from damage or decorate the counter with a metal frame to obtain a unique brand effect. Of course, metal decoration will increase costs and make the production process more complicated.


Acrylic is an important plastic polymer material that was developed earlier. It has good transparency, chemical stability, and weather resistance. Easy to dye, easy to process, beautiful appearance. Acrylic logos can often be seen on t-shirt kiosks with backlit or 3D-illuminated acrylic logos, giving people a good way to remember your kiosk. We can also use illuminated acrylic to decorate the booth with different color combinations. It will add a sense of technology and fantasy to attract the attention of guests.

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