Flowers are for decoration and can be placed in beauty salons, homes, stores, etc. Opening a flower shop and being surrounded by flowers is probably everyone’s dream. Today we will learn 7 steps to start a flower shop business.

Flower shop model and location – flower shop or floral studio?

1. flower shop

If we open a flower shop in a store facing the street, we first consider the flow of people and the surrounding consumption level when selecting the location. The store is in a place with high traffic, and customers often come in to shop. A good flower shop can play a role in display and promotion.

  1. Entrance to a business center or department store. Coupled with a mature business system and concentrated traffic, many customers will naturally come into the store to buy flowers. We specialize in personalized gift bouquets and stylish floral styles. View flower kiosk design
  2. Commercial streets surrounding high-end residential areas. The consumer population and their spending power are high. The flower shop design is tasteful and high-end.
  3. Street-front shops on main streets. At this time, the consumer group and positioning of the flower shop are based on the environment and consumption levels around the street. The flower shop on the street in the city center is in sharp contrast to the busy streets. Giving people a sense of tranquility amidst the hustle and bustle.
  4. Close to the university. Students’ consumption level is low, but there are many people and the potential consumption base is large, so they can focus on the literary and fresh floral style.
  5. Close to the hospital. Opening a fashionable flower shop near a large hospital is also a good choice.

flower kiosk

2. Floral Studio

If you have a limited budget but have good online promotion experience and network resources, you can consider opening a floral studio in the following locations:

  1. Residential buildings with convenient transportation and larger rooms are best equipped with large terraces, large balconies, or sunrooms.
  2. Commercial office building. Commercial offices and flower shop studios are good choices. The rent is usually relatively cheap, and people can pick out the bouquets they like and buy them at home after work.
  3. Cooperate with coffee shops, teahouses, restaurants, and other places to share resources and complement each other’s advantages. The main advantage of a floral studio is its low cost. Its business projects can include customized floral services, floral salons, wedding commercial floral planning, etc., combined with online marketing.

Application for a business license

After the flower shop opens, you can register with the Industrial and Commercial Bureau and obtain a business license. You can register a sole proprietorship or a company according to your needs. Industrial and commercial registration allows your flower shop to operate normally and also protects the name of the flower shop. When applying for a business license, you must also apply for tax registration with the tax department. At present, many places have implemented “multiple certificates into one, one certificate, one code”, which means that industrial and commercial registration and tax registration can be processed at the same time, without having to go to multiple departments to handle them separately. You can consult the local industrial and commercial department in advance to understand the application process and the materials you need to prepare.

Also, if you want to build your brand, consider registering a trademark. Registering your trademark protects your brand nationwide and increases the brand value of your investment partners. Registering a trademark requires a business license. There are trademark registration service companies everywhere, and you can also choose a well-known trademark agency website for trademark registration.

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Flower shop style and decoration

Depending on the location, business model, grade positioning, and main customer groups of your flower shop, the flower shop can be designed in the following styles:

  1. Literary style: Pay attention to humanistic feelings, combine some literary elements with tea, coffee, etc., and open a “literary style” flower shop.
  2. Fashionable Korean style: You can refer to the popular Korean flower shops and floral styles on the Internet, focusing on displaying the gorgeous beauty of flowers and floral works.
  3. Pastoral fresh style: Combined with green plants and potted plants to create a natural and fresh pastoral style.
  4. Modern minimalist style: Store decoration and layout can draw on the minimalist industrial style to make the flower shop simple and fashionable.

There are many factors involved in the various styles mentioned above, so I won’t go into details here. The styles above are just a starting point. You can refer to photos of online flower shops, cafes, etc., and combine them with your ideas to finally create a flower shop style that suits you.

Large flower shop decoration and flower display

  1. Tables and shelves: It is in conspicuous locations according to the layout of the store to attract customers into the store. In this way, people can welcome customers as they enter the store. The flowers in the store are in full bloom and the fragrance of flowers is fragrant, making them feel multiple visual and sensory pleasure.
  2. Window display design: For flower shops facing the street, the windows are the essence of displaying the store style and must be carefully decorated according to the actual situation. You can display finished flower arrangements primarily for sale, while also creating some unique decorative floral designs.
  3. Workbench: The workbench is for daily flower arrangements and is the main operating platform of the flower shop. Whether you are wrapping bouquets, arranging flowers, or changing the water for flowers, they will make a mess around the workbench. So they should be placed in an inconspicuous and uncrowded corner. Be sure to keep it clean and tidy at all times and enjoy the beauty of flowers at all times. Click here to learn about glass kiosk
  4. Flower preservation cabinet: The fresh-keeping cabinet cannot be used as a magic weapon to preserve fresh flowers, but can only be used as an auxiliary tool for the flower shop.

Flower shop business scope

The flower shop can sell flowers, and customized bouquets, make various flower gift boxes, make wedding cars, bridal bouquets, and flower arrangements for weddings and commercial environments. Open flower baskets, preserved flower-related products, green plants, succulents, micro-landscape designs, and other forms.

Determine the products and services to promote based on your flower shop positioning. It is best to make high-quality products, have your advantage projects, and not be too broad.

flower kiosk

Commonly used supplies

  1. Vase and bucket: Buy the style you like according to the style of the flower shop. Glass vases, iron flower buckets, plastic flower buckets, etc. are all used. For glass vases, try to buy simple ones without patterns. They’re easy to clean, durable, and won’t go out of style easily. Iron buckets and plastic flower buckets are generally used for the classification, maintenance, and display of flower materials. A height of 30-45 cm is more suitable. You also need to prepare two to three oversized plastic buckets for maintenance when batches of flowers arrive.
  2. Wrapping paper: The more popular wrapping papers include Korean paper, Sydney paper, kraft paper, matte paper, transparent cellophane, gauze of different textures, and cardboard of various colors. Try to choose black, white, gray, light pink, and light blue wrapping paper, and avoid using colored or patterned wrapping paper.
  3. Packaging auxiliary materials: Flower mud can generally be purchased from the American brand Oasis. Some other brands are cheaper but not easy to use. Ribbons can be purchased through Taobao. Just choose something that suits your style. Pop-up shop design ideas
  4. Tools: flower scissors, transparent tape, tape holder, pliers, utility knife, small stationery scissors, etc. Buy flower scissors that are larger and sharper, as long as they are easy to use.
  5. Other auxiliary materials: Depending on your business project, you may also need flower boxes, open flower basket stands, hand-held flower boxes, wedding car suction cups, etc.
  6. Florist labels: aprons, ribbons, and self-adhesive labels with your florist logo printed on them. You can find a professional designer to design a set of brand logos for your flower shop.

Purchasing channels

  1. Flowers and raw materials: Find a reliable flower factory with cost-effective flowers. It can help you control costs and gain more clients. Divide your flowers into Grade A, Grade B, and Grade C levels to meet different clients’ demands. Weddings, opening flower baskets, etc. all require the use of bulk flowers. If the quality and flowering period of the flowers are not high, you can buy low-end flowers. View flower  kiosk design
  2. Packaging materials and other auxiliary materials: There will be packaging material dealers at the city flower market. Which can protect the flowers and make them look better.
  3. Print your logo labels, ribbons, and aprons. You can find a designer team and manufacturer to help with them.
  4. Floral Display: The flower arrangement in the flower shop is based on the principle of freshness and neatness. Feel free to use your creativity.

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