With the fast improvement of people’s aesthetics and fashion. Glass kiosks are popular in the shopping mall. People love to use glass showcases to show and sort out items in a better way. However, glass is a fragile material, and how to assemble it and Transportation is a concern for most people. In fact, at the Mall kiosk, you don’t have to worry about installation and package. Because workers will install each glass cabinet well at the factory. And we will also protect the glass cabinet with soft sponges, foam, and wooden boxes. Let’s learn how they work.

How to assembly glass kiosk

There are different styles of glass showcases in the market. Such as glass countertop showcase, wooden combines with glass showcase, metal glass cabinet, frameless glass cabinet with multiple shelving, etc. No matter which style you choose, we will install them well to consist of a single glass cabinet. So you can use them directly, with no need for complex re-assembly. If the glass cabinet has an LED light lamp, we will also reserve a wire connection, so you only need to connect each counter wire.

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How to pack glass counter for shipping

When preparing to transport your glass kiosk to its destination, it is important to ensure that it arrives safely. Glass is a fragile material, so we will put a fragile label on each box to remind people to be careful during loading, unloading, and delivery. At the same time, we will purchase high commercial insurance for each shipment. It avoids accidents during transportation and maximizes the safety of glass kiosks.

1. Preparation

First, we need to measure the details of the size and weight of each glass cabinet. So that we can know need to prepare how many wooden packaging boxes according to the dimensions of each counter. At the same time, we can also prepare other necessary inner package materials, such as soft sponges, foam cotton, plastic wrap, wooden boxes, etc.

2. Choose a packaging method

Choose the appropriate packaging method according to the actual situation of the glass kiosk. If you purchase a single glass display cabinet, for example, a jewelry showcase for shops. Then we will use foam to cover it and put it in a wooden box as a whole. For a whole set mall kiosk including many small glass counters, we will pack each counter individually. And also note numbers on the wooden boxes to help distinguish them.

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3. Packaging steps

Before packing the glass kiosk, we will clean each counter to ensure that guests receive a clean mall kiosk. We can also pack wooden kiosks in the same way to protect them as below.

  • Disassemble the pavilion parts: If the glass kiosk has detachable parts, such as light signs that require additional light, they should be dismantled. This reduces transportation difficulties and facilitates assembly on site.
  • Add cushioning materials: Add cushioning materials such as foam and bubble pads between the pavilion and packaging materials to ensure that the glass does not directly contact the hard outer packaging materials. This can reduce the impact of vibration and impact on the glass during shipping.
  • Wrap the showcase: Completely wrap the sunglass cabinet in a bubble pad or foam, making sure all corners and edges are covered. This allows for double protection and reduces the risk of the counter being knocked over.
  • Wooden box fixation: Use a strong wooden box to fix the glass cabinet on the outside to prevent movement during transportation. Wooden strips can be used to add additional support along the bottom edge to ensure the pavilion does not slip or roll during transport. And adding forklift legs facilitates smooth loading and unloading.
  • Marking and recording: Mark the words fragile and handle with caution on the packaging so that transport personnel can pay attention. We will take photos and records when packing for you to confirm that the packaging is good.

Notice: Please make sure that the wooden box packaging is intact before picking up the goods at the port. If there is any bump or damage, remember to take photos and video records, record the damage condition on the receipt, and notify the sender and insurance company. Because of damage during shipping, materials need to be submitted to obtain insurance compensation.

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Appropriate shipping method

Choose transportation methods such as train delivery, sea shipping, or air transportation according to the actual situation. For large or fragile items, a relatively stable transportation method should be selected to ensure safe arrival at the destination. No matter which shipping method you choose, you can track your shipment through the bill of lading number or box number.

Sea shipping takes a longer time to arrive at the seaport, but it’s the cheapest method to ship goods. So most poeple choose sea shipping. While shipping by train is suitable for land countries, such as Switzerland, Germany, Russia, Pakistan, etc. Air shipping is fit for those who want the glass showcase quickly. Air shipping is the fastest way but costs more. You can feel free to tell us which city you are in, we can help choose a suitable method with a good route.

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Processing after arrival at destination

When the goods arrive at the destination port, remind the delivery company or transport personnel to load them carefully to avoid severe vibration or impact. It is recommended to unload under the guidance of professionals to avoid damage to the goods caused by external collisions. For the unloading of large glass kiosks, a professional handling team can be used to assist in the operation. After unloading, the glass display cabinet should be inspected to ensure it has not been damaged during transportation. If you notice any damage, you should contact your logistics or shipping company immediately to file a claim. And keep the videos and photos of the unboxing.

Installation and usage instructions

Before delivery to customers, we will provide necessary installation and usage guidance to ensure smooth installation of the mall kiosk. The mall kiosk will make a complete technical drawing for you to confirm all details before production. You can install the glass kiosk according to the cabinet diagram and number. If you have any questions about installation, please contact us in time.

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