How do you think opening an eyebrow-threading kiosk to earn money? Eyebrow tattooing can not only help people thicken their eyebrows and make their facial makeup more refined, but it can also help people save the trouble of drawing eyebrows every day. Therefore, in recent years, eyebrow tattoo technology has become very popular among consumers, which has given many entrepreneurs the idea of opening eyebrow tattoo shops. It’s never too late to start with an eyebrow-threading kiosk in the mall. Consumers can enjoy eyebrow threading services when shopping in the mall. Everyone wants a unique and attractive eyebrow threading kiosk for business. This article may give you better ideas for uniquely decorating eyebrow-threading kiosks.

Eyebrow threading kiosk design concept

  1. The decoration of an Eyebrow threading store should not only be aesthetically pleasing but also make customers feel unique or individual. A unique eyebrow tattoo shop believes that its services and projects will be unique. Leaving a good impression on your customers is crucial.
  2. For a high-end browser bar store, the decoration should also highlight the characteristics of the atmosphere. A high-end atmosphere is a class. The larger the store area, the more atmospheric service space can be created. To achieve class, the materials used in the design cannot be of low quality and must be high-end. Be willing to spend the cost and not be strong on the outside.
  3. Stand out from your competitors. Keep your eyebrow threading kiosk unique so guests remember you first and catch people’s attention. How can you make the decoration of your Eyebrow threading store unique? Then you need to investigate the local market and combine your advantages to add your characteristics. For example, none of the surrounding beauty shops have sofas. If your store has enough space, setting up a comfortable sofa can make customers waiting for service feel comfortable. This is a special feature.

eyebrow station

Necessary items for eyebrow bar shop

Before opening an eyebrow threading shop, we should consider what items are needed and how to arrange them properly. Proper eyebrow bar counter layout together with beautiful design makes the eyebrow threading kiosk outstanding and can attract people’s eye’s attention.

  • Eyebrow threading station

An eyebrow threading station is necessary. Because it’s the main area to provide eyelash extension services. It includes a mirror, working counter, drawers lock cabinets, etc. Remember to reserve enough space for legs, so that clients will feel comfortable. We can also use LED light or bulb light to surround the mirror to increase glow and create a better shop effect.

  • Display Showcase

No matter whether you choose a glass display showcase or display shelving, it makes your beauty salon look good and can also display items for sale. The glass display showcase usually has multiple layers with LED light lamps, which can show related products for clients to buy. Merchants can also use countertop showcases as the main display. Wooden cabinets and wall display shelving are popular display ideas. Besides, adding brand signage and slogans to decorate the cabinet, will make your items look good and people can also remember your brand concept well.

  • Wash counter

Starters can set the water sink near the workstation or set it in the inner corner. That’s for washing hands and keeping the whole kiosk clean. If the mall water supply is far from your location, it’s necessary to add a water system. So don’t worry about the water pipe and water supply, just tell us the needs, and we can meet your demands.

  • Cashier counter

The cashier counter is usually set at the entrance of the eyebrow threading kiosk. It is also viewed as a reception desk, staff can say hello to every consumer. Besides, we can also set it inside the eyebrow threading kiosk. We can also decorate the counter with brand signage or posters to help people understand your business.

  • Menu and advertising posters

The menu board is very important for eyebrow-threading kiosks. We can add it to the side of the counters or attach it to the brand wall. People can know what services you provide. While the posters vividly show the eyebrow-threading effect to every person. We can also choose light box painting to express your items to clients.

eyebrow threading kiosk

How much does it cost to open an eyebrow tattoo shop?

It is understood that the investment funds of eyebrow tattoo shops mainly consist of the following aspects:

  1. Shop rent. If you want to open an eyebrow tattoo shop, you must first find a business location. Generally speaking, the rent of eyebrow tattoo shops will be different in the same city level, the same store area, and different store locations. The difference in rent will be greater depending on the city level, store area, and store location. To open an eyebrow tattoo shop of about 100 square meters in a prefecture-level city, the rent will be about 8,000-1,000 dollars per month.
  2. Decoration costs. It is understood that the vast majority of people are willing to consume in a comfortable environment. Therefore, entrepreneurs still need to work hard on decorating the eyebrow tattoo shop. Generally, eyebrow tattoo shop decoration costs are calculated on a square meter basis, which is several hundred yuan per square meter.
  3. Equipment and material costs. To better serve every consumer, entrepreneurs also need to introduce advanced eyebrow tattooing instruments and equipment and purchase some corresponding materials. This cost is approximately 30,000-40,000 dollars. Find more options for barber kiosk design
  4. Personnel costs. When opening an eyebrow tattoo shop, it is difficult to make the shop bigger and stronger just by relying on one person. Entrepreneurs must rely on the strength of a team. Therefore, entrepreneurs need to recruit tattoo artists, store managers, and other staff.

Requirements to opening an eyebrow tattoo shop

After understanding how much it costs to open an eyebrow tattoo shop, many entrepreneurs have already started to take action. Before taking action, entrepreneurs also need to understand what conditions are required to open an eyebrow tattoo shop. View more options for massage kiosk design

  1. Be familiar with the eyebrow tattoo industry and have mastered certain eyebrow tattoo techniques. Women are preferred;
  2. Be decisive, have a strong sense of professionalism, and have independent civil liability capabilities;
  3. Have certain store opening capabilities, sufficient funds, and work experience in the same industry;
  4. Have a suitable business location, a good store location, and a good surrounding environment;

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