Everyone wants a nice and attractive bubble tea kiosk for business. Because unique bubble tea kiosk decorations can make customers feel special and meet their personalized needs. If you are new to bubble tea kiosk decoration, don’t miss this article.

Light bulb model/ Tea Cup model

Light bulbs and milk tea cup decorations play an important role in the milk tea cabinet. It adds character and beauty to the milk tea shop. Which plays a positive role in increasing sales and customer experience.

Bulb milk tea cup decoration vividly displays your products to guests. Milk tea cup decorations also attract customers’ attention with their unique designs and colorful colors. Different styles and colors of milk tea cups can add variety and interest to milk tea shops. In addition, the unique milk tea cup design can also become a feature of the bubble tea kiosk. Helping to improve brand recognition.

The model decoration of the milk tea cup can also provide additional information to customers. For example, special graphics or text can represent specific flavors or promotions. The use of light bulbs and milk tea cup decorations can influence customers’ emotions and purchasing decisions. Beautiful decoration can bring customers a pleasant visual experience and increase their desire to buy.

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Changeable LED light

In modern bubble tea kiosks, decoration has become an important form of expression. Which increases the atmosphere of the tea kiosk and attracts more customers. Among them, LED light strips, as a decorative material, have become a popular choice for milk tea shop decoration.

  • Increase the kiosk recognition. In the highly competitive milk tea market, it has a unique decorative style. Which makes your store stand out among the many milk tea shops. LED light strips create a unique atmosphere and visual effect through different colors and brightness.
  • Highlight milk tea cabinet. The food cart and milk tea cabinet are one of the most important display areas in a milk tea shop. It allows customers to better see and choose milk tea. LED light strips can illuminate the bubble tea. And tableware in the milk tea cabinet through different lighting effects, making them more attractive.
  • Increase customers’ experience. While enjoying milk tea, customers can also enjoy the unique lighting effects, creating a more pleasant atmosphere. Besides, LED light strips automatically control through timers and other equipment. Bringing a more convenient experience to customers.
  • Energy-saving and environmental protection. Compared with traditional neon lights and other decorative materials, LED light strips have higher luminous efficiency and longer service life. Therefore, using LED light strips to decorate milk tea cabinets is an environmentally friendly and energy-saving choice.

Unique counter layout

As an important part of the shopping mall display cabinet, the milk tea counter has a rational layout that directly affects the visual effect and brand image of the entire shopping mall. You can find designers at Mall Kiosk to help choose the right counter layout.

  1. Reasonable use of space: When laying out the milk tea counter, you must first consider the issue of space. With limited space in the shopping mall, it is necessary to make reasonable use of the space. So each milk tea counter has enough space to display its products and services. View juice kiosk design
  2. Highlight the brand characteristics: Each milk tea brand has its unique brand characteristics and cultural connotations. Therefore it is necessary to highlight the brand’s characteristics and personality. For example, the brand’s characteristics can be displayed through the design, color matching, lighting, etc. of the counter. So that customers can feel the personality and characteristics of the brand for the first time.
  3. Guide customers’ attention: When laying out the milk tea counter, it is necessary to guide customers’ attention so that customers can more conveniently choose the milk tea they need. Milk tea products can be classified according to different tastes, types, prices, and other factors through reasonable arrangement and classification, making it easier for customers to find and purchase. View coffee kiosk design
  4. Pay attention to details: When laying out the milk tea counter, you need to pay attention to details. For example, the edges and corners of the counter need to be considered to ensure the consistency and harmony of the overall effect.

Attractive ceiling with logo

As an important part of the display cabinet, the roof of the milk tea cabinet plays a vital role in the decorative effect of the entire milk tea display cabinet. Check more smoothie kiosk design

  • Improve the overall design: The roof of the milk tea cabinet can be used as the “hat” of the entire display cabinet, providing a complete and unified design for the display cabinet. It structurally completes the design of the display cabinet and adds a unique visual effect to the display cabinet.
  • Enhance the brand image: The roof of the milk tea cabinet can be used to display the store’s brand image. Such as the store’s logo, store name, etc. It enhances the store’s impression in the minds of customers. Also helps improve the store’s brand image.
  • Create a comfortable environment: The roof of the milk tea cabinet can be used to install lighting facilities, such as LED lights. Through the illumination of light, a comfortable and warm atmosphere can be created.
  • Increase display space: The roof of the milk tea cabinet can be used as a display space to display various milk tea-related products, such as milk tea cups, ingredients, etc. It adds more product display space to the store.
  • Adjust the overall proportion: The roof of the milk tea cabinet can be used to adjust the overall proportion of the display cabinet. According to the merchant stalls, we can adjust the proportions of the display cabinets by changing the size and shape of the roof. So that the display cabinets are more in line with the overall style and layout of the store.

bubble tea kiosk

Material effect

The decorative effect of a milk tea cabinet not only depends on its design style but is also affected by the materials it is made of.

  1. Glass: Using transparent or frosted glass to make the door or the entire cabinet body of the milk tea cabinet can increase the transparency of the space and at the same time show the beauty of the milk tea and ingredients. This material allows people to see the contents of the milk tea cabinet at a glance, adding a bright and open feel to the store.
  2. Metal: The milk tea cabinet made of metal can give people a modern and simple feeling. For example, a bubble tea counter made of stainless steel or aluminum alloy can reflect an industrial style, while a copper milk tea cabinet can add a noble atmosphere.
  3. Wood: Wooden milk tea cabinets can provide a warm and natural feeling, especially suitable for integrating with the surrounding environment. Dark wooden milk tea cabinets can give people a sense of stability and elegance, while light wooden milk tea cabinets can bring a fresh and comfortable feeling. Milk tea cabinets made of this material usually have good thermal insulation performance and environmental protection.
  4. Acrylic: Acrylic is a transparent or translucent material that can be used to make countertops or storage compartments. Acrylic milk tea cabinets can add softness to the space and are easy to clean. Besides, acrylic material also has good weather resistance and impact resistance.
  5. Tile: Ceramic tile is a durable and easy-to-clean material that can be used to create countertops or storage compartments. Different tile patterns and colors can add unique personality and style to your milk tea cabinet. Moreover, the ceramic tile material also has good heat resistance and water resistance.

Color combination

The milk tea display cabinet is a very important display space in a milk tea shop. It not only needs to display the brand image of the milk tea shop but also needs to attract customers’ attention. The color combination is one of the important elements in decorating milk tea display cabinets.

  • Matches brand image and theme. Choosing the right color combination requires considering the brand image and theme of the milk tea shop. If the milk tea shop wants to adopt different styles such as cute, fresh, and fashionable, then the color combination needs to be adjusted accordingly. For example, if you want to have a cute style, you can choose bright and gentle color combinations such as pink, light blue, and tender green.
  • Matches the counter design. The color combination needs to be coordinated with the design of the milk tea display cabinet. The color combination of the beverage kiosk should match the shape, material, lighting, and other factors of the milk tea display cabinet.
  • Overall shop atmosphere. The color combination needs to harmonize with the surrounding environment. The milk tea display cabinet is an important element in the milk tea shop. It needs to be integrated with the surrounding environment.

Counter decoration

The counter of a milk tea shop is the core area for its image display and business operations and plays a decisive role in the decoration effect and atmosphere creation of the entire store. The following is a discussion on the importance of counter decoration in milk tea shops.

  • Attract customers. When customers pass by a milk tea shop, the first thing they see is the appearance and decoration of the counter. If the counter is attractively decorated, customers may be drawn into the store; conversely. Therefore, the decoration of the counter plays an important role in attracting customers to the store.
  • Create a unique atmosphere. The counter is an important part of the milk tea shop, and its decorative effect can directly affect the atmosphere of the shop. Using different decorative elements and materials, milk tea shops can create different atmospheres. Such as fresh, fashionable, retro, etc. These unique atmospheres can attract more customers. Allow them to feel the characteristics and culture of the bubble tea kiosk while enjoying milk tea.
  • Increase the shop’s interest. Adding some interesting furnishings, cute dolls, or creative decorative paintings to the counter can bring customers pleasant visual enjoyment. It can also make customers feel more interested while waiting for their drinks. These decorative elements can become interactive elements with customers. Customers feel the passion and intention of the milk tea shop while enjoying the food.

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