Every people eats fast food because it helps us save time during production. It’s a good idea to open a fast food kiosk and earn money. The unique shape of the booth helps with the business. You can also make it a beautiful and unique decoration, and good to use as a beverage kiosk to gain more profit. Today; I want to share a unique style of fast food booth with you.

fast food kiosk

Description of fast food kiosk

As we can see in the design, this food kiosk looks like a car style. The front part of the car includes a glass display showcase with two lights on the body. And the body part of the burger kiosk is mainly a working counter to prepare food. The car’s rear is shaped like a bar with seats, providing a place for guests to rest and eat. Size is 4m by 3m. The color is red and white and looks very attractive.

fast food kiosk

The layout of the food booth

Both sides have a frame on the top; you can hang posters and a menu to guide people to order meals. The cashier counter, fryer, and water sink stand on the counter for usage. You can also add a topping bar and warmer to preserve the food taste. It’s also a good idea to put a working counter near the dining table with frosted glass in the middle. That can make full use of space and ensure it doesn’t interfere with work.

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fast food kiosk

Details information

Brand signage and posters fulfill the food counter body, vividly expressing your shop theme and products to the clients. You can also add unique models on the food counter to gain more attention. Whenever you plan to open a food kiosk, contact us now. We can help you customize the food kiosk. Contact us now and get more good design solutions.