Dessert kiosk is very popular because of their sweet taste and good looking. It’s a great idea to start a business with a dessert booth in the mall, especially for those who first open a sweet kiosk. Merchant needs small start-up capital and location, and can quickly pay back. No matter when you plan to start, this dessert kiosk design helps you well.

dessert kiosk

Description of dessert booth

As we can see in the design, this dessert kiosk has 2 individual counters, which allow more free space for work and go. The front counter is a reception counter. We can put a display showcase machine on the top. While the side has a square cover to hide the power and for heat dissipation. Besides, the two sides have curved shape decoration, which looks very unique. The counter surface also has a tire-shaped decoration. Size is 3m by 0.6m with lock cabinet behind.

Macaron Kiosk

Another counter size is 4m by 0.6m, mainly for working and advertising. It has a long workbench with street lamp-shaped decorations. Creating a retro shop atmosphere and attracting people’s attention. We can hang the blender and slogan board to attract more clients.

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dessert counter

The tone of the chocolate kiosk

The main tone of the cake kiosk is light green and pink with white decoration. Giving people a lovely and creative feeling. You can also tell us the color you like, we can meet your demands. And make the 3D design to show you details.

dessert display

The main material of the macaron kiosk

The basic material is MDF to make the food kiosk body, it can make unique shapes and styles. Surface treatment is high glossy baking paint, that creates brightness, and smoothies surface effects. Other materials include stainless steel, acrylic logo, etc. Contact us and get more dessert kiosk solutions.