Fast food kiosks are everywhere in the shopping mall, it is convenient for clients to eat food and drink. It’s a portable idea to open a fast food kiosk/bread kiosk in recent years. Today, I want to share a nice design drawing sharing with you.

fast food kiosk

Induction of the fast food kiosk

Fast food kiosks mainly display and sell food and snacks. Size is 4m by 2m, and includes a display showcase, working counter, and cashier counter. Your brand logo and poster can also attach to the counter. The shop theme has a wooden and tile surface. The main color is wooden and red color. Materials include Plywood,  solid wood veneer, lamination, 8mm tempered glass, stainless steel, etc. View potato kiosk here

fast food kiosk

The layout of the fast food kiosk

The front counter has a topping counter, cashier register counter, etc. Clients can purchase food here. You can also use it as a churros kiosk. We can set the water sink in a suitable area to keep the kiosk clean. For the food machine and beverage equipment, we can set them on the back side counter for usage. There is a glass panel on the countertop to protect machines and keep people away from the working area. The brand logo stands to add to the corner to make poeple remember you. Menu and posers can also attach to the stand for advertising.

If you own space outside, view the outdoor food kiosk design now!

fast food kiosk

Mall kiosks provide unique and useful fast food kiosks. All the food kiosk is customized based on clients’ needs. So you can tell us your requirements regarding sizes, colors, materials, etc. Our designer can make 3D design drawings to show you the mall kiosk effect. If you need a food booth, contact us to get more info.