Are you planning to start choosing glass material to build the mall kiosk? Glass is very common in daily life. We can use it for indoor screen doors to exterior windows. As a mall kiosk, it can better show the products in a good and safe manner. Because glass has good light transmittance, guests can see the products you want to display from all angles. The glass door with locks, so that consumers won’t touch without permission. No matter you start with a food kiosk, mall retail kiosk, or beauty salon service kiosk, glass material is a great choice. It can also bring you many surprises. Now let’s learn more about glass materials and hope it will give you some ideas for choosing suitable glass materials.

Tempered Glass

Tempered glass is ordinary flat glass that heats to a certain temperature and then quickly cools, or glass that undergoes special treatment. It is also acid and alkali-resistant. Besides, it is strong and not easily broken. We use it to make jewelry cabinets, mobile phone cabinets, retail displays, etc. Besides, we can use it in food cabinets as a sneak guard or protect cover to keep ingredients from contamination. We usually use 8mm tempered glass to build the mall kiosk. Below are the Features of tempered glass.

  • High strength. Its bending strength and impact resistance are 3 to 5 times higher than ordinary flat glass. It is safe to use. Its increasing load-bearing capacity improves its fragile nature. Even if the tempered glass broke, it wouldn’t be in small fragments without sharp angles, making it less likely to cause harm to the human body.
  • Thermal stability. Tempered glass has good thermal stability and can withstand temperature differences 3 times that of ordinary glass. It has a significant effect on preventing thermal explosion because it can withstand a temperature difference of 150°C.

laminated glass

Laminated glass

Laminated glass is a type of safety glass. It is a flat or curved composite glass product made by inserting transparent plastic sheets between two or more pieces of flat glass and then bonding them by hot pressing.

One of the features is safety. It has good resistance. When it is broken, the glass fragments will not fall and fly, but will only produce radial cracks and will not hurt people. The impact resistance is better than ordinary flat glass and has good anti-fragment properties.

Another feature is multiple functions. It has light resistance, heat resistance, moisture resistance, cold resistance, sound insulation, etc. special functions. It is mostly used for doors and windows that are connected to the outdoors.

Sound insulation is the third main feature. It has good sound insulation performance and can also reduce solar radiation. After the glass is broken, the fragments will not scatter on the ground but will stick to the surface film. We can use it to build jewelry kiosks, sunglasses kiosks, and brandy cell phone kiosks. Merchants can also use it to display boutiques and gifts.

Frosted glass

Frosted glass is often used as windows or partitions, etc. It is opaque and can protect privacy very well. It is usually used in the work area of the food kiosk to prevent guests from directly seeing the operating area. Frosted glass protects guests’ privacy in the field of beauty salons. The following are the advantages of frosted glass

  1. Good sound insulation effect: Frosted glass has a very good effect on sound insulation. We can use it to make office partitions and consultation rooms in stores, which can well protect private spaces.
  2. High level of safety: Frosted glass is very safe to use and ensures personal safety. Glass is a fragile product and can easily break when exposed to external force, which will increase the user’s cost. However, using frosted glass can solve safety problems very well, and the price is relatively low and the use time is relatively long.
  3. Protects privacy: From the surface, frosted glass makes it difficult to see the indoor situation clearly, giving people a very fuzzy feeling, which ensures the privacy of the room.

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Ulta clear glass

Ultra-clear glass is a kind of ultra-transparent low-iron glass, also known as low-iron glass and high-transparent glass. It is a high-quality, multi-functional new type of high-end glass with a light transmittance of over 91.5% and is crystal clear, high-end, and elegant. Ultra-white glass also has all the processability properties of high-quality float glass. It has superior physical, mechanical, and optical properties and can be processed in various ways like other high-quality float glass. If you want a better display effect that highlights your high-end brand attributes, Ulta Clear Glass is a good choice. For example, high-end jewelry displays, jade displays, watch displays, brand mobile phone store displays, etc. Let’s view the characteristics below.

1. Glass has a low self-explosion rate

Since the raw materials of ultra-white glass generally contain fewer impurities such as NiS, and the melting process of the raw materials is carefully controlled, ultra-white glass has a more uniform composition than ordinary glass and has fewer internal impurities, thus greatly reducing the possibility of tempering. The probability of self-destruction.

2. Color consistency

Since the iron content in the raw material is only 1/10 or even lower than that of ordinary glass, ultra-white glass absorbs fewer green bands in visible light than ordinary glass, ensuring the consistency of the glass color.

3. High visible light transmittance and good permeability

The visible light transmittance is greater than 91.5%, with a crystal-clear crystal-like quality, making the exhibits more clear and highlighting their true appearance.

4. Low UV transmittance

Compared with ordinary glass, ultra-white glass has lower absorption of ultraviolet bands. When used in anti-ultraviolet places, such as museums and other areas, it can effectively reduce the passage of ultraviolet rays and slow down the fading and aging of various exhibits in showcases, especially cultural relics. The protective effect is more obvious. View glass kiosk design options.

5. High technical content, strong profitability

Ultra-white glass has relatively high technological content and difficult production control and has stronger profitability than ordinary glass. The higher quality determines its high price. Currently, the price of ultra-white glass is 1 to 2 times that of ordinary glass. The cost is not much higher than that of ordinary glass, and it has high added value.

Curves glass

Hot-bent glass is a curved glass made by heating and softening flat glass in a mold and then annealing it. Hot-bent glass is generally processed in an electric furnace. Its style is beautiful and its lines are smooth. It breaks through the singleness of flat glass and is more flexible and diverse in use. Suitable for display at jewelry store counters, cosmetics stores, perfume stores, mobile phone stores, etc.

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  • Features of hot-bent glass:

Aesthetics. It breaks the single shape of ordinary flat glass. The style is unique and beautiful, and the lines are softer and smoother. Therefore, it is more flexible in application. Hot-bent glass is often used in aquariums, counters, curtain walls, revolving doors, etc. Increase beauty and improve quality through unique shapes. Of course, to meet customers’ special requirements for home decoration design, hot-bent glass is also commonly used on walls, ceilings, doors and windows, etc. Because of the soft lines of curved glass, it can often make the home environment more natural and harmonious.

Specificity means that according to different shape requirements. it is various irregular curved surfaces for customers, and can even various composite hot-bent glass products such as hollow or laminated. Due to this characteristic, hot-bent glass is extremely popular in the construction and civil markets. Architectural hot-bent glass is mainly used for interior and exterior decoration of buildings, lighting roofs, sightseeing elevators, arched corridors, etc.

  • The difference between thermo-bent glass and bent steel glass

Diversity of product shapes: hot-bent glass products have various styles. Bent steel glass has a single style and is not suitable for bending arcs with a radius exceeding 1500mm.

Product safety performance: Hot-bent glass is unsafe glass; bent steel glass is safety glass.

Appearance quality: The surface of the hot-bent glass is smooth and has no light distortion. The bent steel glass has wind spots and broken shadows.

Product reprocessing: Hot-bent glass products can be reprocessed by cutting, drilling, etc. Bent steel glass has no secondary processing capabilities.

If you don’t know which kind of glass suits your business, contact us now. We have more than 20 years of experience in customizing mall kiosks and shop furniture. Can help you purchase proper materials and even make professional furniture designs.

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