With the fast development of technology, more and more people start with cake kiosks to earn money. Before opening a cake shop in the mall. We have to make full preparations. Such as learning about baking, finding a good chef, finding a good location, establishing your brand and taste, etc. Unique flavors allow customers to remember you and recognize your products more quickly. Of course, it is also very important to understand the local cake market, competitors, and price positioning. Next, let’s learn more about the preparations needed to open a cake cabinet.

Market research and planning

If you want to succeed in something, you must do relevant research in advance. See if you can make money and achieve the desired results. At the same time, it does not mean that places with many people are suitable for opening dessert shops. So before opening a shop, sufficient market research is necessary. Then it was confirmed that in such a market environment, it is feasible to open a dessert shop. The success of a cake kiosk depends on many related factors. If there is a problem with any link, it may lead to failure. Therefore, in-depth and detailed market research and analysis must be conducted before opening a store to be successful. Specifically, market research before the cake shop opens has the following functions.

  • Cake shops in the market

In a broad sense, cake shop market positioning includes customer target positioning, business style, grade scale, etc. Without detailed market research, we don’t know the living consumption level of local people, the popular trends in the local cake shop industry, and what kind of cake shop market is not saturated. If you just invest blindly, the result can only be that the cake shop is out of touch with market demand and faces operating difficulties.

  • Positioning of business products

Being a competitive seller’s market, consumers have a wide range of choices. No product or service is permanent in the real market, and all face the problem of being rejected and eliminated by consumers. In this consumption context, cake shops should scientifically position their products and services based on factors such as the characteristics and service functions of cake shop products to reflect their characteristics and advantages. For consumers, they can choose different cake shops based on their spending power, needs, and hobbies.

Market research can provide an accurate positioning basis for cake shop products. Because the investigation process itself is a process of researching and analyzing customer needs. Through surveys, we can accurately and deeply understand customers’ consumption trends and product sales trends, providing an accurate basis for the cake shop’s product positioning.

  • Cake shop’s image

Through surveys, we can not only understand the public’s attitude and impression of this type of cake shop but also understand what type of food atmosphere the public agrees with and what style of cake shop they like to shop in, to determine the suitable type of cake shop. The image model of the cake shop and adjust it yourself. The gap between the expected image and the actual image provides a scientific basis for the cake shop decoration design positioning and image positioning.

  • Scientific decision-making by cake shop operators

During the inspection process, investors grasped the image of cake shops expected by consumers and then understood in which direction their cake shops should develop. Only with goals and directions can a complete business strategy be formulated.

  • Enhance their business competitiveness.

Through surveys, we can understand which products on the market are saturated and which products still have room for development. We can also understand the sales price level of competitors’ products. Through analysis and evaluation, we can leverage our strengths and avoid weaknesses to avoid falling into operational errors and competitive misunderstandings. Strength will naturally be improved. Find more options for cupcake kiosks

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Skilled baking technology

For entrepreneurs, learning cake techniques and recipes is crucial. Of course, you can also find a good pastry chef who can patiently learn about baking ingredients and use baking tools. Good cake taste and shape will help you gain a good reputation and the favor of guests. You can provide regular training to pastry chefs, learn new cake styles, and develop new menus to help you stay at the forefront of fashion and gain more potential customers and loyal fans. The quality of a dessert shop brand can directly determine the success or failure of a dessert franchise store. If you don’t have your brand, joining an existing cake brand store is a wise choice. Go to the field to investigate the authenticity of the brand and the detailed franchise situation. Especially when signing a franchise contract, you must pay attention to negotiating the responsibilities of both parties involved and ensure your rights and interests by signing the contract. Usually, the brand will provide raw materials, staffing, and training details. It is more conducive to the prosperity of your business. Click here to view chocolate kiosk options

Shop location selection:

If offline sales are the main focus, foot traffic is a necessary factor to consider. Community business districts, schools, shopping malls, office buildings, etc. are all popular locations for cake shops. The specific location should conform to the inertia of the flow of people, that is, it should be convenient for people to enter and exit so that people will subconsciously buy some pastries to take home for breakfast, late at night, or snacks. If it is mainly online and does social marketing, you can consider a place with convenient transportation when choosing a location. It does not necessarily have to be a shop, just a cake shop.

Cake shop decoration

1. Reasonable use of colors

The world is rich in color because it is composed of colorful colors. Reasonable use of colors is one of the important factors that highlight the characteristics of a cake shop. For color design, you can refer to the eight steps to decorate a clothing store.

2. Reasonable use of lighting effects

Lighting is the soul of all kinds of interior design, and cake shops are no exception. Good decoration design.

A good product will immediately look inferior if it lacks proper lighting. Usually, the lighting in cake shops and sweet kiosks is mainly based on warm light sources such as orange, which is bright enough to make our products the focus and attract attention. Thereby enhancing the customer’s appetite and desire. If the lights are dim, it will not only be inconvenient to operate but also give people a sense of oppression, affect customers’ moods, and reduce consumption.

3. Reasonably arrange the spaces

We must reasonably design the location of each functional area. Such as The western pastry display area, scattered decorated cake display area, decorated operation room, ready-to-bake area, collection bar, waiting and leisure area, etc.

The current bakery kiosk area should always be kept ventilated, clean, and bright so that customers can feel the “five minutes, fresh and hygienic seconds” atmosphere. A clean and bright environment will help you win customers.

The decorating room can be arranged as a relatively independent space so that customers can see our decorative craftsmanship. It can also satisfy the curiosity of many customers and increase the order rate.

The display area must be placed outside, and the leisure area should be placed inside, so that passing customers can see our products at a glance, thereby creating a desire to buy. This is also an important magic weapon for increasing turnover in bakeries.

4. Preparation of machinery and raw materials

A small cake shop requires approximately the following equipment: oven, bread proofing box, fermentation box, large and small mixers, tablet press, ice crusher, electronic scale, egg beater, cake mold, baking pan, graduated cup, decorating tools, Knives, shelves, refrigerated cabinets, display cabinets, refrigerators, operating tables, cream machines, cash registers, etc.

The raw materials include flour, eggs, cream, cheese, butter, milk, vegetable oil, chocolate, cocoa powder, matcha powder, strawberry powder, food coloring, fresh fruits, etc.

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There are some cake shops with good quality and taste, and they are cheaper than big brand cake shops. However, the embarrassing situation they encountered was still that they had too few customers. Without customers, it would be difficult to do business. Therefore, in any business, the first thing to do is to attract traffic and solve the problem of customer sources. As long as you have a large number of customers, the rest will be easy to manage.

Online marketing mainly focuses on community marketing. Learning to take good pictures and good copywriting are all things that must be learned and mastered. Offline marketing mainly includes membership discounts, limited-time special offers, purchase and gift activities, etc.

What issues need attention:

  1. Unique taste. I believe that many people have eaten many cakes, but there are very few who can remember the taste. Most brand stores have no characteristics, and cakes without characteristics cannot be given to customers. Make a lasting impression and retain customers. The cakes are hand-baked on-site and still steaming when they come out of the oven. The unique formula makes the taste even more unique. It is completely different from other types of pastry cakes. It is soft and delicate in the mouth, sweet, and not greasy. Many customers will praise it after tasting it on the spot. Absolutely.
  2. Small finance pressure. For early-stage franchise entrepreneurs, small investment means smaller risks and financial pressure. Cakes do not need a large store, only a counter window, and customers can leave immediately after buying. A small store means lower rent and a better location, which greatly improves the success rate of starting a business.
  3. Food business license. In some places with a very large flow of people and very good locations, many restaurants will not be allowed to do so due to the problem of oil fumes. Cake shops have zero oil fume emissions and it is very easy to apply for a food business license, laying a solid foundation for a steady start-up.
  4. Turnover and profits. Catering operators are very concerned about the profits of their business categories. High profits mean rich returns. Cakes have very considerable turnover and profits.
  5. Target customers. A wider applicable group means better management. The cake is suitable for men, women, old and young, and can be used for breakfast and afternoon tea. The sales data are very impressive.