Optical and sunglasses play a big role in our daily lives. With the development of the Internet, people use electronic devices for a long time, which will cause eye fatigue and poor vision. Because wearing glasses can help people correct their vision without affecting their normal life. Now is a good time to start entering the eyewear market. Whether you are ready to start an eyewear business in a mall or open an optical store, you can choose a unique eyewear display cabinet to start your business. The market for glasses has broad prospects because merchants can not only sell rimmed glasses but also provide uniquely shaped sunglasses.

Compared with glasses, sunglasses are more popular because they can not only prevent the glare of the sun’s rays but can also be used as an ornament to match clothing and styles. At the same time, people like to wear sunglasses when driving and traveling. Before you own a retail booth in the shopping mall. It includes multiple sunglasses kiosk display areas, a storage cabinet, a cashier counter, a workbench with posters, and signage. Let’s view the 10 popular sunglasses kiosk designs, hope it is helpful to your business.

sunglass showcase

Wooden and white optical kiosk

An attractive sunglasses kiosk makes the kiosk outstanding and leaves a deep impression on clients. We can see the Eco Eyes optical kiosk combined with white and brown wooden decorations. Creates a sense of eco-friendly and environmentally friendly brand concept to clients. The mirrors at the entrance for people to try on eyeglasses frames and sunglasses and help them make quick decisions. It has a wooden floor and with workbench for equipment. It has multiple entrances so that people can get into the sunglasses booth to purchase items freely.

sunglasses kiosk

Colorful sunglasses kiosk in the UK

Pop Specs is a popular chain brand in the UK, the brilliant colorful combinations make the glasses kiosk outstanding and attractive. It has multiple layers of display shelving to display optical frames in a unique way. It has metal frames to support and decorate the display cabinet. We have made more than 10 kiosks suitable for different locations. No matter what color combines and sizes you need. We can customize it for you. Yellow and white combinations also make the overall sunglasses kiosk eye-catching. It suits those who want to create the brand’s concept and want to have a special shop atmosphere.

sunglasses booth

Double-sided sunglasses display

The double-sided display is necessary for sunglasses booths, especially when you own a small location. Because it can show sunglasses from both inside and outside effect. Clients can purchase their favorite sunglasses for free, without waiting. While the bottom has a sliding cabinet, merchants can put a sunglasses case or use it to store more sunglasses for sale. The mirror set at the middle of each display stand is very convenient for consumers to see their wear sunglasses. The sunglasses display stands used in the shopping mall of Birmingham, UK.

Eyeglass kiosk

Stairs shape sunglasses kiosk

If you want to MAX display sunglasses and optical, don’t miss this sunglasses kiosk with this stairs-shaped sunglasses kiosk. It has multiple layers of display counters surrounding the lease line. Merchants can place items in order. Businessmen can display different models and colors of the same style together to facilitate comparison and selection by customers. There is a large square shape with so many sunglasses displayed. Inside is a locked cabinet used to store sunglasses cases and more products for sale. We can attach the brand name at the bottom and the front of the cashier counter. That helps you promote your brand and helps people notice your shop. No matter whether you want a boat shape or other special styles, we can customize it for you.

Glasses Kiosk

Glass display in Canada

This retail kiosk has a glass display cabinet and shelving, it’s better to show the products and can also protect the sunglasses well. Because the glass cabinet door opens from inside, people can’t reach sunglasses without permission. Even in large flow areas, people won’t take sunglasses by mistake. There is a higher panel to show the brand name “Sun Stations” to increase memory. Displays and lightbox posters can also be added here to increase the display area. Don’t forget to add flooring light and storage cabinet to make the sunglasses kiosk outstanding and useful. No matter whether you are in the USA, Canada, Australia, or Europe, this retail kiosk is a great choice.

Curves sunglasses kiosks

Open kiosks are becoming more and more popular among people. Because consumers can not only purchase items from both inside and outside the lease line, they can even go through the booth when shopping. We can make a curved sunglasses counter with 4 layers of display area. It is used not only for display and storage cabinets but also for display advertising posters and brand signs. Besides, the curved-shaped counter can increase display area and can also avoid sharp corners from accidents. No matter what location size you rent, this curves counter sunglasses kiosk helps you well.

Small-size sunglasses booth

No matter how small the location size you get, you can get a wonderful and perfect optical booth for business. This sunglasses booth is made for “Superior Optics” in the USA. It has a perforated board display to show sunglasses and optical frames. It has a storage cabinet at the bottom and behind to make good use of the size. While the lightbox poster and mirror are attached at the side. A small cashier counter is set in the middle with the brand logo to remind.

eyeglass kiosk

Classic eyeglasses kiosk-style

Wos Collections Sunglasses kiosk design is very classic that many poeple like. This optical kiosk combines red, black, and white colors, and looks high-end and attractive. Merchants can show sunglasses on both sides of display stands. While the bottom has open gird shelving. It helps with distinguishing the sunglasses models. Moreover, merchants can also use bottom drawers to store sunglasses for sale. Mirrors and brand sign set at the cabinet side, good to use. It also reminds people to notice and remember the shop and brand well.

Sunglasses kiosk

Outdoor booth style

Outdoor booths are good to set in a space without shelter. It has a roof, floor, entrance door, sales window, lighting, display shelving cabinet, etc. Safe to start a business outside and can bear changeable weather. It is usually placed near a scenic area, next to the beach, or even on the street. The most popular sizes for outdoor booth is 3m by 2m, as it’s easy to cooperate and needs less initial investment. However, if you own other location sizes, recommend making the length within 6m and the width no more than 2.2m. Otherwise, the outdoor booth needs to be delivered in separate parts and you assemble them on-site.

Sunglasses booth

Mall booth stand style

This mall booth stands in view as RMU stands in the shopping mall. Usually, the length is about 1.8-2m and the width is about 0.8m-1m. So to make better use of the space, we can make multiple layers of counters and shelving on the countertop. While also make underneath with lock cabinet and drawers as storage. The cashier register is set on one side for orders, and can also hang posters on the shelving to remind people of your business. Brand name and sign can be set properly to make people notice your business.